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What is the motivation for paying for sex dolls?

Monday, December 10, 2018 7:58:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

Human beings have made too much contribution to the suppression of prostitution. Whether it is legislation or social moral supervision, riots will not decline but increase. Due to the huge demand, adult product suppliers have introduced lifelike sex dolls. It has attracted worldwide attention. We can analyze what is the motivation for paying for sex dolls. silicone doll usa
Summarize as follows: Dolls are superstitious, curious and taboo about fresh products, legally breaking the demand and feeling safe, enhancing masculinity, and unacceptable sexual drive, no emotional load and having sex with love dolls make men feel more dominant. They can control sex dolls according to their wishes. It's like a bonus game. strap on
Another part of the group covers the disabled. They have physical disabilities, whether natural or nurturing. They feel insecure and poor, and then they won't be close to natural women. Sex dolls will help overcome their limitations until they can establish normal relationships with other women. To our surprise, some men want to talk to sex dolls, even if they can't get any feedback. They like the company of sex dolls. It seems that sex dolls are indispensable partners.
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We are not sex maniacs, please respect sex doll lovers

Monday, December 10, 2018 12:03:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

For many people, lifelike sex dolls are a worrying thing. It will seriously affect the development of human society. Someone predicted it. The opposition to sex dolls is a conservative and meaningless fear. There is much controversy over the reality dolls that should be banned in business. The problem is that they have a lot of prejudice against doll lovers. Few people have the courage to expose themselves to so much hostility, prejudice and discrimination. There seems to be a long way to go to win over conservatives. swx doll
Someone leaked that there will be a conversation between real sex doll lovers in a Texas hotel in early November. Everyone kept a low profile to prevent conflicts with critics. The public's unfair judgment on sex dolls has led to the impossibility of normalization between dolls and people. People try to ignore the attraction of the sex doll itself. " Although people may think of it, we are not a group of sex fanatics. They're not just banging on anything that doesn't have a heartbeat. " Sex doll boss said. doll love
It's not right to speculate that they only use sex dolls to make love. Most people appreciate this company. They respect and love their dolls and cherish sex dolls. The first meeting will be private, small and low - key. They will gather to display their personal dolls and talk about clothing, cosmetics and other similar things. Or exchange and share the daily life of sex dolls.
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Is the real sex doll really better?

Saturday, December 8, 2018 11:09:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you are browsing the news about sex toys, you may get some sex dolls, lifelike, lifelike, or TPE, silicone, live dolls, etc. All these refer to the most popular sex toys - real sex dolls. love dall
The real sex doll dealer claimed it was made for good company from the beginning. No offense to women's bodies. Now, it has three kinds of penetrability that attract people. Feminists seem to have the mission of a resistance doll. They demanded a refusal to import and sell real sex dolls. Well, people may not succumb to the speech. Some men think that real sex dolls bring an unprecedented climax. More and more possible comments and feedback cannot be ignored. my silicone doll
Now real sex dolls will make me feel better. Why should I refuse? So how to ensure that real sex dolls are good for human beings? In the past two years, sex dolls in Google have risen rapidly as search terms. The netizens talked about it crazily. Just thinking about playing sexy beauty will arouse the erection of the penis and stimulate your senses. Dealing with sexual dysfunction will help.
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How to improve your sex life? Sex dolls will make you crazy

Saturday, December 8, 2018 6:56:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you have a good sexual partner, you think everything should be fine. But women will also judge you when looking for an ideal partner. You are not gentle, not passion and unfamiliar sexual skills in the bedroom. They can think of too much dissatisfaction. Have you considered how to improve your sex life? Well, if you want to move on, please continue reading. buy handcuffs
Why are more and more men now almost unable to find soul mates in real life? In this digital age, people used to get and get information from digital terminals every day. They exist in the sense of " idealism". Some people say that all good things can exist in your social circle. As a result, they created hallucinations in their minds. That's the life I should live. real doll silicon But the reality is the opposite. When you date a beautiful woman you like online, you will be disappointed that the real woman is completely different from the photo. There is little chance of meeting the right girl. Sexual life experience is not as enthusiastic as it is on the screen. But now, it is possible to get a private doll. It fits all the beautiful fantasies of a sexual partner. You can experience carefree sexual pleasure.

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What will you do once you first see the real sex doll entity?

Friday, December 7, 2018 12:22:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

You have chosen the lifelike sex doll you want for a few days, and finally you filled out the money on usexd oll. com. The package covered your love doll has now been shipped. Before it arrives, think about what you'll do when you first meet a real sex doll. 1. Open the lifelike sex doll. When you take the big box from the courier, you can show your poker face. No one will know what's in the box. Lock the door and open the curtain. Pull the tape off the box. Then you can take her out. Don't be a fool when you face her. She'll be a little heavy. Pick her up carefully. Touch the Life Like Sex Doll Silk Doll is durable enough that normal strength will not hurt her. You will try to put your finger on her face and pinch her cheeks and huge breasts. When you fold the palm with one hand, the other hand can touch her back. She's as soft as a real man, isn't she? You don't have to deny it. Wearing realistic sex dolls, you can find a simple dress in the box. Maybe you think the clothes in the factory are not suitable for her. It's not fashion, it can't hide her hot breasts. You must immediately make a shopping plan for your lovely sex doll. If you can't get a new shopping plan now, try dressing her up in factory clothes. Sex with Your Cute Sex Doll You can't wait to fantasize with Your Cute Sex Doll. We fully understand. You know she has a metal skeleton, and each joint has a limited range of motion. Don't over bend or stretch the love doll to have a super strange position. To give love dolls tolerance, you should take soft beds or blankets to prevent them from being damaged and deformed.
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Are sex dolls included in your next shopping list?

Thursday, December 6, 2018 12:21:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

As a long-term available sexual partner, realistic sex dolls cost more than ordinary sex toys. The legality of sex dolls will continue to be part of the debate. Many male-specific people were asked if they would like to order affordable sex dolls while living alone. adult dolls for men
Sex Doll Manufacturers think this should be positive, without any doubt. It sounds like an investment in buying a sex doll is totally valuable. When you plan to buy high-priced goods, you should consider whether it will bring back the same value in the near future. Picking up a calculator and pressing it will save you much money than an uncertain relationship. Who can ensure that this plump and beautiful sex doll is not more satisfactory than a natural woman? adult blow up dolls
Love dolls are not born women, but they are really great. Sex doll lines are fast. More and more technologies are being applied to make dolls look alive. According to the latest news, the updated doll robot can blink its eyes, move its arms and numbers. She can provide a simple conversation with limited program data.
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Harmonious Relationship between Human and Sex Dolls

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 8:40:11 PM America/Los_Angeles

People in a relationship often have a strong desire to control and make their partner their ideal partner, sharing the same attitudes, values, ideas and behaviors. Although we know that everyone wants to change their partner's attitude and behavior. He / she is willing to do so unless some of them reach a compromise. Otherwise, you are unlikely to even change their basic gender characteristics. Therefore, in most relationships, due to incompatibility, it will not last too long. Obviously, some men are not good at dealing with girls' emotions. They have been exhausted to maintain a relationship. They don't want to give up or start a new relationship. In addition, you can't imagine how important a partner is to a man's physical attractiveness. Generally speaking, ordinary men think appearance is more important than women. However, few men have such luck and have a perfect partner, both physically and psychologically. Then some lonely guys devote themselves to the world of sex dolls. The submissiveness of beautiful dolls fully conforms to their fantasy. Therefore, lifelike sex dolls have cured the loneliness of a huge single population. The only pity is that lifelike sex dolls cannot respond. The high-tech process will solve this project. Soon there will be your life toy. They can smile, talk, blink and move their eyes. Is this your dream perfect lover?
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The use of sex dolls fills in the gaps in life

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 10:11:25 PM America/Los_Angeles

You may be a busy person. You do have a job or your own business that takes a lot of time and energy. In your daily work, you will focus on bills, work and the future. You don't have time to deal with complicated relationships or a rather complicated woman. As time goes on, you have nothing but to earn a living. The Internet is an amazing product. It allows suppliers to run online businesses, it allows you to browse and purchase adult products immediately, and it allows millions of men to learn about the latest sex toys. The use of lifelike sex dolls fills in the gaps in life. silicone female doll
There is no doubt that sex dolls are irresistible temptations you rely on. This seems to be a very strange phenomenon. But this is a perfect opportunity for you to try something you dream of. You can try something that can easily open you, try the special sexual preferences you use on natural women, or just pretend to make fun of them like TV shows. This will be very interesting and attractive. xxx store
Do you know why so many people are really getting sexy sex dolls? People are tired of useless publishing. The amazing sex doll looks attractive and adds a vivid experience. You can't stop indulging in it.
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Sex doll brothels are so popular around the world

Tuesday, December 4, 2018 9:06:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Out of curiosity, the sex doll brothel witnessed more and more people, especially men, joining the customer series and having fun with lifelike sex dolls. srx doll
In Germany, although the price of sex dolls is as high as US $ 101 per hour, there are still many tourists during the opening hours. What's more, some men entered the studio accompanied by female partners. Once men play with sex dolls, women will wait not far from the room. They say that sex dolls are entertainment and there is nothing to be unhappy about. In Paris, France, some parliamentarians and feminists called for a halt to the sex doll business. They claim that lifelike sex dolls demean women. However, the Council concluded that the sex doll brothel is not a people-oriented brothel, unlike the natural person in biology. Therefore, it is legal. sx doll
In Spain, amorous Barcelona also used sexy sex dolls to compete for prostitutes. It caused some disputes among local citizens. Under public pressure, business has shifted to online checkout. It attracts an overwhelming group of users. In Amsterdam, a pop-up sex doll brothel started its business. It is said that this is paid by taxpayers. In addition, TV presenters told the public that sex doll brothels may help curb crime.
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The lifelike sex doll is instantly rescued

Monday, December 3, 2018 11:12:33 PM America/Los_Angeles

In these countries, the gender gap is huge, and sex doll suppliers are making full use of these dolls to increase their desire for these dolls. In order to help those lonely men and retirees change their reasonable partners. They may notice that they need to be with them, which sounds like an honest game at first, but as time goes on, it will soon be discovered that this is not the case. However, with the passage of time, their needs will change with the passage of time, and it is likely to be mentioned that this can be expected. Their mood will obviously improve so that they may need to consider if this person is really an honest match for them. Obviously, they don't have much in common or their values are completely different. When a person feels depressed, they will feel very clear. This may be because their mood may be confiscated. Therefore, apart from the fact that they must be forced to avoid their feelings, it does not accurately allow them to distinguish directly. If a person is looking for his super position in any place where they feel depressed, they may feel it necessary to urge the relationship in transcendence. They may think that being with others can make their lives higher and make them feel smart. A person does not intend to worry about whether someone does this to them; If someone builds them, they feel higher, they will feel very troubled. With this in mind, lifelike sex dolls have always been a satisfying companion in dark days. Buyers will develop happy sex dolls to support their height, skin color, breast size specifications, and then wear false eyelashes and cosmetics. With honest skin, a large number of " breasts" and a height between 5 " 2 and 5" dolls 7 are the most popular people. In view of the increasing quality of human companions, they are booming. Although this may only be acceptable to the public, it will enable many of us to change their lives.
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How do you feel about dominant play?

Friday, November 30, 2018 9:42:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

When you think about sex, you will consider which type of partner you have. A horny woman or a submissive beautiful woman. However, reality tells you that it is not easy to meet such a beautiful woman. You can't expect horny women to meet all your sexual needs. In this case, you will consider the possibility of finding a replacement partner. Even if you go out with others, this partner will remain silent and will not be jealous. She will not stir up and break your image anywhere. Yes, you must guess what I'm talking about. It's a lifelike sex doll, a beautiful girl of human size, and she won't say no to you. You can make sure that she can satisfy many people's physical desires. If what I said can't encourage you to buy. Move forward. inflatable real doll
You can think of her as a real sexual partner. She has perfect human characteristics. You will enjoy your comfortable sex life. Will you stop a model-shaped sex doll? Take her to experience all kinds of sexual life. If you are a fan on your chest, you can't miss the love doll. The designer collected breasts of various sizes and shapes. Finally, you can see these on the sex doll.

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Sex doll trade - overweight discount sales in April

Friday, November 30, 2018 7:42:31 AM America/Los_Angeles

We've seen a lot of life deals about sex dolls on the Internet, but believe me, these are the most attractive promotional activities less than usual. The outstanding deal was on Usexd Oll, with a discount of nearly $ 300. For April only, you can get 799 US dollars, a limited amount, just make sure you get it before you sell out. Check out all the hot offers after us. 140 cm 4.59 ft lifelike silicone doll with metal skeleton 3 entry natural skin doll srx doll
SKU: CR 1401005 - NY1 QTY: 20 PCS price: USD 749 / PC Material: TPE Skeleton: Steel Skin Color: Natural Height: 4.59 ft ( 140 cm ) Bra Size: F CUP 3 Penetration: Oral, Anal, Vaginal Weight: 57.32 lbs ( 26 kg ) 140 cm 4.59 ft in June Silicone Love Doll. 3 entry natural skin dolls with metal skeleton perfect silicone doll
SKU: CR 1401053 - NY 2 Qty: 20 PCs Price: USD 749 / PC Material: TPE Skeleton: Steel Skin Color: Natural Height: 4.59 feet ( 140 cm ) Bra Size: F Cup 3 Penetration Entry: Mouth, Anus, Vaginal weight: 57.32 lbs ( 26 kg ) 140 cm 4.59 ft silicone doll with metal skeleton 3 entry natural skin toy male "the; SKU: CR 1401053 - NY 3 QTY: 20 PCS price: USD 749 / PC Material: TPE Skeleton: Steel Skin Color: Natural Height: 4.59 ft ( 140 cm ) Bra Size: F CUP 3 Penetration Entry: Oral, Anal, Vaginal weight: 57.32 lbs ( 26 kg ) 140 cm 4.59 ft lifelike silicone doll with metal skeleton 3 entry natural skin doll best real doll SKU: Cr 1401005 - nqty: 20 PCs price: USD 749 / PC material: TPE Skeleton: steel skin color: natural height: 4.59 ft ( 140 cm ) bra size: f cup 3 penetration entry: oral, anal, vaginal weight: 57.32 lbs ( 26 kg )

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Sex doll brothel shows are like Victoria's Secret Show

Friday, November 30, 2018 4:51:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

For a long time, sex toy shops were set up in the corner. The public thinks they are indecent. With the development of open mind, more and more people think that sex toys are useful for human sexual health. The sex doll in the shop window doesn't look so disgusting. In addition, some people began to do business on sex dolls. women using vibrators
The rise of sex doll brothels broke the old conservatism. People are seeking more sexual pleasure. Imagine a beautiful silica gel lady waiting for all your fantasies. Supporters have announced that sex dolls will help reduce sexual crime. It is effective to enhance sexual life in a relationship. What is most important is that it provides a fair situation in which men or women can freely explore sexual desire. When the partner is unable to enjoy sexual life, the man will have a second choice. There is no doubt that the creation of sex dolls is based on human sexual experience and health. best realistic dolls
As the brothel owner of the sex doll said, when seeing the sex doll displayed in the house, it seems to be Victoria's secret program. This is a question. Who will reject these sexy, beautiful girls?
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In all parts of the world, men with high sexual desire are often adversely affected before getting off because they lack sexual partners. Most people are used to paying for sex to solve it. Although this kind of rapid sexual behavior has also brought about adverse effects. Sex workers become high-risk groups in STDI. The incidence of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis - the three most common sexually transmitted diseases - has increased dramatically worldwide. They cause more problems. Human health is under great threat. Progress in combating sexually transmitted diseases has been " untied". Society demands to find another way to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and stay away from prostitution. They will also receive education on the importance of safe sex. At the same time, expand product development capacity. One of the social products is a lifelike sex doll. By operating for the past decade, the sex doll industry has become more mature. With the development of science and technology, the sex doll robot was launched in 2017. It is intended to provide companionship and satisfaction with sexual desire. Even if this is a sign of human progress, love doll developers also have a real challenge at the product promotion conference. The inherent ideology of gender statistics is vague, and they do not want to analyze it in public. This is a contradiction. People like sex but don't talk about it. However, while this debate is raging, some people are looking forward to the robot age.
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How to use sex dolls to return to sex?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 9:53:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

Do you know how to return to sex when your sex life is interrupted? No matter what the reason is, you don't have sex right now, break up, divorce, widowhood, etc. If you want to come back, you can continue reading. On those gap days, you may not be with others until you know each other a lot. Most importantly, after a long pause, the parts look a bit slow and do not open easily. You won't let your female partner laugh at you. Trust me, she's not for you. You should rely on your own rules and interests to dominate. Are you ready to explore and touch your body again? What do you like and sexual preference are the same as before. Maybe not. Know your stimulation points and enjoy happy sex. Do you know that most sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through unsafe sexual experiences? You admit that condoms are a failure to reduce sexual pleasure. Today, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS is decreasing. There is nothing to worry about. However, danger always occurs to unprepared people. So, is there a safe way for you to enjoy a happy sex life without sid or risk of pregnancy? Of course. Human beings have made many contributions to solving such problems. The lifelike sex doll is one of the greatest sex toys in the adult industry. A submissive sex doll will not stop you during your sexual activity. You're no longer annoyed with dating and romantic surprises. You can get rid of your emotional partner. If you want to take a home, quickly browse the website
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sexual technology industry revolution

Monday, November 26, 2018 1:00:22 PM America/Los_Angeles

Sophia, a robot equipped with artificial intelligence, a delicate woman, brown eyes and long fluttering eyelashes, became a full citizen of Saudi Arabia in October 2017. Sophia recognized facial expressions and understood human speech through eye contact. After in-depth study and development, Sophia has been created as the most human-like robot. She has a variety of expressions in response to human beings. Even if her excellent sense of humor and speaking patterns come from program editors. Real robots attract people in both science and art. With the progress of science and technology, robot knowledge will one day develop. Then, the robot will have self-awareness or will and will be responsible for its own actions. Why are human robots so popular? Science helps create beauty. In addition to customization, every face and character shape is made up of public aesthetics. High cheekbones, porcelain skin, eagle-eyed nose and eyes as deep as the sea will be accepted in the public domain. What is used by human robots? Robots can help people in high-risk industries. Many robots are dedicated to seminars to improve production efficiency and save more labor costs. Some robots are designed to help families work. They also contribute to autism spectrum, disability or the elderly. Lonely people also require sex doll robots to accompany them.
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With realistic sex dolls, real money is a penny

Monday, November 26, 2018 4:15:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Everyone is making money for survival, and we are working hard for it every day. With the sunrise, we went to the office and the sunset returned to our home. As adults, we have followed this routine all our lives. In your spare time, even on a rather lonely night, you are eager to find someone to relieve the pressure of work and life. Finding a compliant partner is not always easy. The match with lifelike sex dolls is really satisfying, and many of the hottest porn stars who can give you happy love are famous for their excellent skills and spread happiness. Many lifelike sex dolls are made based on their good looks. Although you need to pay a little more money to buy a real doll, it is really worth spending time on fantasy love. The passion of a full sex doll can give you an ideal experience. Make sure you get a good service from full individuals and play with their body pornography. This is a surprising tactic that feels better than ever before. The sex doll is supported by a solid metal skeleton to extend to create various poses. Playing with the body of a sex doll is really a pleasant strategy, cherishing some unique experiences and enjoying your mood in an unprecedented way. When you get in touch with a sex doll, you have many choices to get the ideal partner. In several adult websites, you can get excellent feelings. This is also a truly unique experience for you. Make sure you get a satisfactory feeling with a plump sex doll and realize your love life with happiness. Make sure to cherish some beautiful memories with love dolls and have unique entertainment. With a sex doll, you can easily cheer for a good time and be happy for your love life in an unprecedented way. People can get unforgettable experiences through these individuals. Sensory pleasure is indeed an incredible way to get a happy feeling. Make sure their bodies are full of enthusiasm and meet your intimate sensory needs.
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Play with sex dolls at home when it's hot outside

Sunday, November 25, 2018 2:22:22 AM America/Los_Angeles

Except for the hot weather, this summer seems perfect. I suspect melting in the hot sun. All my friends refused to go out to the party. Then it's time to order a sexy sex doll to tide over the difficulties, I think. doc johnson
I'm glad to receive the sex doll. " Hello, your big package has been left in your front yard. Thank God, the courier finally left. I opened the door and dragged the overweight package into the house. There is a strange feeling. This is not like the explosive doll I bought before. This is too true. When I pat it gently, I feel it will tremble. ivibe rabbit
This may be a little obscene, but I did check the infiltration entries. It is oral, anal, vaginal entrance. This is incredible. It is a real woman. Its beautiful young face is also impressive. Sexy body is unforgettable. I never thought I could play with such a charming lady. But, yes, it is sitting on my sofa now. male blow up doll
I believe it will bring a lot of joy this summer or more. Before that, I will learn how to dress her up.
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Buying Female Sex Dolls: Men's Guide

Saturday, November 24, 2018 3:49:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

Choosing the best life like a sex doll is not difficult for your personal erotic fun. Although it is necessary to make sure that you choose great and affordable products to meet your needs before you take action to purchase them. Why do you need a life like a sex doll? Not all the time, but, yes. Men can have healthy sex with you and still masturbate. This only means that they have a high sexual desire. So what other masturbation besides their hands? In the world of mainstream adult toys, sex toys are like parts of the body such as the vagina and anus, or they can get off with their heads, trunk arms and legs. More importantly, the high-end sex toy " life like a sex doll" includes a complete body with three holes and lifelike organs that can drive you crazy. Its internal metal skeleton allows users to position their arms and legs almost anywhere, just like real people. Who will need a life like a sex doll? The divorced guy is not ready to go through all the moves and the pressure to find a real woman. A doll may cost hundreds of dollars, but it is much cheaper than taking out a gallon on a few days! Sex life is guaranteed. Men who work for a long time or in multiple jobs may not have time to be true female partners. Sex dolls are the best way to relieve the pressure of hard work. How much would you like to spend on a real love doll? Obviously, the cost of higher love dolls is much higher than that of shorter dolls. You can buy high-quality but relatively cheap 140 cm silicone dolls for less than $ 1000. Or, if you have some spare cash, you can choose sex dolls over 160 cm and spend about $ 2,000.
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How can AI be used in the sex doll industry?

Saturday, November 24, 2018 5:06:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

More and more governments are involved in the research and development of artificial intelligence. Human beings are entering an era of wisdom. It has been found that artificial intelligence has made remarkable progress in China and Russia. No one can stop the development of science and technology. sexy silicone sex doll
If you say lifelike sex dolls are so attractive, but unfortunately there is no soul. Then artificial intelligence technology revitalizes the sex doll. They can communicate with each other. Although the technology needs further improvement at present, it has left an impressive image in the man-machine age. In the coming decades, sex doll robots will be commonplace. realistic adult dolls
Recently, several leading sex doll companies launched AI sex dolls in succession. They can support short conversations. At the same time, they will have subjective consciousness. Once they feel in a bad mood, they will turn off the emotional terminal. It's like a cold war woman. The rapid development of artificial intelligence has benefited most people. People nowadays have a strong single mind. Many people want to live alone. If the sex doll robot comes to ordinary people, it will affect the natural birth rate of people.

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Love dolls can help you resist loneliness

Thursday, November 22, 2018 7:52:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

Those who indulge in realistic dolls are believed to be opponents who lack social connections and lower emotional qualities. They think that sex dolls are inherently dirty and special for the silence of the sex society. Now, the love doll is still an object like an object. Mobile phone. silicone real doll
In the past 15 years, Usexd Oll has devoted himself to making more realistic love dolls. TPE has been widely used. This soft elastomeric material mimics the experience of human skin. Because of this lifelike character, love dolls attract many people who have nothing to do with real people for some reason. At the same time, they also expect someone to wait at home when they return to work. love kit
Love dolls are actually an emotional attachment, an object model that they can learn more about women's bodies to gather confidence. They can keep in touch with real women. Many people may be experiencing such an embarrassing situation. You can't find comfort when you feel depressed. When you want to share some good news, no one will not listen to you. When you need to be loved, there is no suitable partner. You live alone and worry about getting in touch with real people. inflatable real doll
Love dolls can help treat social phobia in some way because humans cannot maintain heterosexual relationships. You can't deny that it is another option for some special groups.

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The real love doll seems to be a new wave of men seeking a comfortable relationship. The growing global demand shows the weakness of human relations. inflatable doll
It provides an opportunity to build relationships with girls. Sex dolls will not refuse to take photos with you. She won't be impatient with your dinner date. She won't try to empty your wallet. You met a girl and wanted to give her a good impression. But you used to be quiet. Why don't you use real love dolls for scene exercises? You have to admit that sex dolls have the charm to attract your heart. love is dolls
Prostitution is illegal in the United States, but sex dolls exist in an uncertain position. This is a novelty sex toy, not prostitution. No one was involved. Human beings feel safe about the law, but in the face of strong moral opposition, they act cautiously in the dark corner. How much will sex workers charge? If you take into account the comparison of sex workers' charging time and the cost of purchasing lifelike sex dolls, you will find that the latter cost less and you are not worried about health problems.
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Do you have any ideas about choosing lifelike sex dolls?

Friday, November 16, 2018 7:43:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

Do you have any ideas about choosing lifelike sex dolls? I think this is a headache when you have a plan to get one. Especially for those who buy dolls for the first time. Then you're in the right place. We will provide detailed explanations for some common problems ( FAQ ). Today, online doll suppliers are vying for global share. They announced free delivery and careful packing. More or less, it is beneficial to consumers of sex dolls. For buyers, what should selective dolls consider? How to pick up the most satisfactory one? How to avoid clicking on false websites / suppliers? What kind of sex doll can you buy depends on your budget? In the following articles, we will make it clear. Move forward. Sex doll type: Sex doll owners know much about it. But here, we must explain to you the beginner of the doll world. The two most popular sex dolls are silicone dolls and TPE dolls. You can see that they are made of two different materials. From the appearance, they are all astonishingly real. Whether it's height, weight, shape, or soft skin and skin, all of these will impress you. At the same time, it gives you a fantasy that you are dating a really sexy lady. Silicone dolls are more expensive than TPE, but easier to maintain later. TPE dolls have a more realistic sense of touch. It weighs less than silica gel. If you have enough budget, you can choose a silicone doll. If you pursue reality, TPE sex dolls will be your best choice. man real doll
Metal skeleton structure, almost all lifelike sex dolls are updated with curved joints. Sex dolls can move and change posture within a certain range. It provides more possibilities for the diversity of sex dolls. When it comes to budget, as I mentioned earlier, silicone dolls are too expensive. In the market, generally speaking, its price is between US $ 8,000 and US $ 10,000. TPE sex dolls are much cheaper. For a 140 cm sex doll, you can spend no more than 1000 dollars. the best loved doll
Then you have the right direction. The following procedure is much easier. You can view doll descriptions and learn about skin color, eye color, cup and vaginal selection. Some suppliers offer the option of detachable vagina or mold type. If you hesitate between two faces but have a limited budget, you can buy one sex doll and another doll head. Verified with suppliers, most stores usually support it. Finally, please select those suppliers that support secure payment. This is the first prompt. Secondly, select suppliers who have complete return and refund policies. You can watch more information about and the sex doll trade. There is a good shopping trip for dolls.

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Will sex robots change your perception of relationships?

Monday, November 12, 2018 11:25:53 PM America/Los_Angeles

The development of artificial intelligence can bring about rapid human progress. At the same time, mankind is also worried about its negative impact. It includes relationship conversion with AI robots. real life silicone dolls
The existence of AI robots will have a direct and indirect impact on human relations. Although artificial intelligence is only a fledgling project, in the wonderful combination of AI and sex dolls, the sex doll robot has gained an overwhelming advantage. It has been used to replace prostitutes in some cities. Sex doll robots may take over some work, which may be the inevitable trend of social development. sx dolls
In the near future, will sex doll robots be used as life aids or indispensable life partners? What do you think?
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Inflatable dolls have been replaced by lifelike sex dolls, and then how does it go down?

Monday, November 12, 2018 8:04:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

With the development of Internet and technology, more and more men join the royal family. They can enjoy a convenient diet and life without going out. Will natural physiological problems be solved? There is absolutely no problem. For those Otakus who are not good at communication, inflatable dolls have been created. It was quickly welcomed by the royal family. It does satisfy most men. lov doll
Inflatable dolls will be regarded as the most loyal girlfriend. At any time, she has no temper or comfort. In the following development, the rich guys are no longer satisfied with simple and rough plastic work. Sex dolls have changed from inflatable to advanced solid. Now, they rarely appear in the market. Even if it seems likely to be eliminated in the near future. Unlike those inflatable dolls, solid dolls, such as TPE dolls, have made major breakthroughs in design materials and techniques. Every joint has been improved and become flexible. You can explore more positions. Skilled workers bring lifelike sex dolls into life. It is shaped according to the natural female body characteristics. It is lifelike, and many people are impressed by its incredible quality. silicone doll usa
Will sexy sex dolls become top dolls? The pace of human development has surpassed this. Human beings are working for a better quality of life. That is to say, it will appear more advanced reality dolls, applied to ordinary people like the famous AI sex robot.

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Explosive dolls have been replaced by realistic sex dolls

Monday, November 12, 2018 1:25:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

What? Are you still asking about explosive dolls? Don't you know there is a lifelike sex doll the size of a human body? If you are looking for a very realistic sexual experience, please continue reading. silicone dolls
What is an explosive doll? The explosive doll is a low-cost masturbation device. You can apply to print your favorite celebrity or girl. It's too light for you to feel the real experience, let alone enjoy it. Due to low-quality handicrafts, explosive dolls are often used only a few times. The development of one of these products should meet people's preferences and needs. People are willing to become more realistic and valuable. The lifelike sex doll is made according to the size of the human body. It has a human-like body. It has an overwhelming advantage over natural women. Sex dolls are submissive, convenient and tireless. doc johnson
No matter what kind of sexual activity you like, lifelike sex dolls will cooperate with you. When your female partner refuses you under inconvenient circumstances, it can help you get off the bus. From the point of view of safety, availability and effectiveness, lifelike sex dolls seem to be more attractive than those explosion dolls.

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Sex dolls are qualified to be your ideal partner

Monday, November 12, 2018 10:38:43 AM America/Los_Angeles

I believe that lifelike sex dolls will help you get rid of many problems in your life. Many people are not very skilled in interpersonal relations. Usually, when two people cannot reach an agreement, they will feel depressed. More and more people in lonely groups are included. Some people will be curious about how to deal with sexual behavior. This is so interesting. You almost find lifelike sex dolls qualified to be ideal partners or companions. realistic adult dolls
For those men, they found that they didn't satisfy their female partners like actors in pornographic videos. For example, they made a mess in the foreplay. Generally speaking, men want to hit their targets directly and quickly. However, women need more emotional stimulation to arouse their desire. It's hard for those men. Sex dolls have an absolute advantage, allowing you to experience more pleasant sex. You will skip the stage of self - doubt. sx doll
The drama dominated by you will go according to your wishes. You can practice sex skills as much as possible. Different styles and positions are waiting for you to explore. If you want to find a more comfortable experience, lifelike sex dolls are definitely a good choice for you.
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The Benefits of Sex Dolls

Sunday, November 11, 2018 11:15:55 PM America/Los_Angeles

In the past year, sex dolls and sex robots have been busy appearing on news and social media. These lifelike sex dolls have received wide attention. There are different views on whether encouraging sex with dolls is actually a good thing or not. Some people think that the lifelike sex doll makes life easier and keeps people away from complicated and troubled relationships. Then people can focus on their work and life. Others think that sex dolls will infringe on some people's own interests. It may encourage objectification, abuse, rape and adultery. Then let's see what the sex doll will provide to human beings. 1 Better sex life then flexibility and compliance allow you to try any sex stunt without cheating or risking a fatal sexually transmitted infection. These dolls provide you with an opportunity to experience what you fantasize about in your life without being judged or questioned. Companion and help fight loneliness. For those who have lost their partner and are not prepared to move forward, they may seek companionship in an attempt to fight loneliness, or they may find it difficult to establish a relationship. Maybe they have a crush on them and they can't explore with others? Sex dolls can help people with erectile dysfunction and other intimate problems because they eliminate tension with another person and give them " practice" when they solve problems. Dolls provide them with a way to try new things in the bedroom without being laughed at. 3 to satisfy a specific doll fetish. Baby fetishism is a kind of sexual superstition in which a person is attracted to dolls and doll-like objects such as figurines. Attraction can include the desire to actually have sexual contact with dolls, fantasies about sexual encounters with animals or inanimate dolls, encounters between dolls themselves, or sexual pleasure gained from the idea of being converted or another being converted into a doll.
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How do you choose the best sex doll supplier?

Sunday, November 11, 2018 12:45:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

You must find a perfect life like a sex doll online and hope to find a reliable supplier to buy it. Therefore, you try to study and measure the source credibility of doll reviews. Then you have several options to consider. We understand your hesitation. After all, trustworthy merchants are the key to obtaining a high-quality shopping experience. There is no doubt that there are so many excellent sex doll websites worth your attention. Please continue to read to understand what you should pay attention to and how to choose the best product for you. buy handcuffs
# It cannot be called a qualified supplier if it has not been nurtured in the sexy sex doll market for a long time. This is not to say the age of the established website, but the experience of the adult industry. When you first contact a sex doll, professional suppliers will be happy to share it with you. What if the seller is not familiar with most of the dolls they sell and the answer is evasive and doesn't equal your fantasy? Away from them, it seems to be serial deception. Once you feel the supplier is not good or reliable during the conversation, you will be unnecessarily afraid to end the interaction. high quality inflatable doll
Novice sex dolls do not mean you will have a bad experience. In fact, through a little investigation, you can choose which supplier is best for you.
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Sex dolls should not be labeled pornographic and obscene

Saturday, November 10, 2018 11:34:26 PM America/Los_Angeles

A few days ago, our customer service department received an e-mail from a sex doll buyer. We checked the order record and found that he bought a 140 cm sex doll six months ago. The man seems very introverted. From the first contact with after-sales service, he only gave us two replies. We were all surprised to contact again. toys for men
He told us that he never showed any interest in dolls and other sex toys. Sex has become daily. Some things changed until they divorced their wives. He knew that he had not made any contribution to their relationship. Maybe a stupid person will lose too much. Therefore, he decided to practice how to take care of others. The sex doll of life will be a good decision. " This is a novel and interesting thing." He said. " In order to better understand, I have registered many doll forums, in which a lot of information makes things easier. In addition, some people have created personal blogs to record doll's life. You won't believe that the world of sex dolls is more than pornography and obscenity. You will find that most sex doll players are doing this decent job. " # # #" My intentions changed later because of my daughter. She is a big fan of Japanese anime, and she suggests dressing it up as an anime character. This is a good idea. My daughter has been very helpful in making up for us. We had a good time together. Every time we face the finished dress of love doll, we are all happy. " We are also very happy that his life is better. The man was not involved in the darkness of divorce. On the contrary, because of the same interests, he felt that his daughter was very close.
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Life with kim kardashian will come true

Friday, November 9, 2018 12:46:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

What if someone tells you that you can live with Kim Kardashian or another beautiful girl you entered? Sex doll manufacturers will implement it. They support custom service for sex dolls. After you submit a photo of the girl, mold designer will make a sample until it looks real. Therefore, whether she is a celebrity or a deceased spouse or a loved one, she can be customized and made within a certain period of time. Some people asked if it was possible to violate the portrait. After all, they didn't get real people's consent. Before it was legally marked illegal, the number of people looking for custom doll services was increasing. In addition to a beautiful face, you can also ask for a huge breast, a huge buttock body. But flat breasts seem to be more popular. What do you think of the following sex dolls? Who do you think they are? ########
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Unbelievable impact, sex dolls can help you to be healthy

Thursday, November 8, 2018 8:24:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

In order to satisfy sexual desire, men without sexual partners usually have sex with prostitutes, even if it is dangerous. Love dolls as a safe way to prevent sexually transmitted infections or sexual transmission have been accepted by human beings. In addition, there are 8 incredible effects. Sex dolls help you to be healthy. # # # 1. HEADACHES This natural effect has not yet been scientifically explained. But sexual activity directly reflects the relief of headaches. When you feel happy and satisfied, it may release dopamine. 2 in your brain. Heart trouble The American Heart Association calls for 30 minutes of physical activity every week, five days a week, to maintain cardiovascular health. Active sexual activity can double the effect and keep the heart healthy. # # # 3. Stress In some cases, persistent tension and anxiety lead to your neurasthenia. Sexual pleasure can help release all endorphins and happiness hormones in the brain to relieve stress. Insomnia is caused by sexual activity that helps stress. You can feel more reflexes and even improve your sleep quality. #### 5。 Hiccup Even if hiccups disappear quickly, in some serious cases, they will more or less embarrass you. Experts say that physical cramps in your sexual activity can help you eventually hiccup. Depression We all know that endorphins and dopamine both make us feel good. If you feel depressed or suffer from depression, sex can easily solve it. #### 7。 Low self-esteem also comes from real life experience. After sex, your body and spirit can get enough satisfaction and inspire your self - confidence. 8 hypertension can benefit your blood pressure and even greatly reduce your heart rate. ####
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The Big Debate of TPE Sex Dolls and Silicone Sex Dolls

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 9:57:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

Today, sex dolls have had a profound impact on the lives of people all over the world. They have been accepted and widely used. This sounds strange, but the fact is that people think love dolls are user - friendly. For the simulated skin of realistic sex dolls, manufacturers have developed silica gel or TPE as a material that provides both surreal and natural touch. There are often some disputes over this issue, and a performance is better in the lifelike sex doll industry forum. Senior doll owners want to present their views to the public. They all insist on argument. TPE is a mixture of polymers mainly composed of plastics and rubber, which is composed of materials with thermoplastic and elastic properties. TPE shows similar elasticity as crosslinked rubber. Their softness or hardness value is measured on a Shore Hardness Tester. TPE makes it an economical choice with the characteristics of flexibility, shock absorption, molding ability, soft body texture and so on. Silicone rubber is an extraordinary material. It has good durability and cleanability results show that TPE dolls and silicone dolls have their own advantages, and which one depends on you. Considering your budget and wishes, you will know which one is your ideal partner.
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Saying no to imports, Koreans began to make and sell sex dolls locally

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 9:12:09 AM America/Los_Angeles

Real sex dolls are marked as corrupt public morals in South Korea. Any related dolls are prohibited from entering the Korean market. Although now it reports that a local company is making and selling sex dolls. In order to surprise the public, we checked Korean laws and found nothing to stop and regulate their business. silicone <a title=real doll ' width='300' height='450'> The company has been promoting its business in Naver since March this year, which is the most popular social community. Up to now, Naver adult threads have brought an extraordinary number of registrations even after strict verification procedures. More than 10 million Naver cafes have contributed to the sale of sex dolls. At Naver Cafe, some sex doll buyers left some comments and feedback. They admit that sex dolls are no different from the shaping of human bodies. They all conform to public aesthetic standards. Nice job. xxx store
But the adult rule has been found to have a big loophole. Young people under the age of 18 can purchase sex dolls without difficulty once they enter the date of birth of an adult and use the adult's mobile phone. More importantly, the law requires companies that manufacture and sell sex dolls in South Korea to be prohibited or announced.
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Sex dolls act as catalysts in intimate relationships

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 9:02:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

You know there are various sex goods stores online. You must find the right store to meet your inquiries and needs. Everyone has personal sex and interest about intimacy requirements. realistic latex dolls
Nowadays, life becomes fast, and people always travel through intense work and life. A busy schedule will inspire all your passions. Then it caused a lot of problems in your sex life. As a result, sex becomes boring. It has gradually become a routine for couples to have children. adult blow up dolls If you want to restore your initial passion, you may need some sexual advice. The Internet has given us more comfort. Some problems, it is difficult or shameful for us to ask our friends and family to solve perfectly on the Internet. After all, the customer service in the sex goods store understands all your needs. love is dolls
If you expect fresh and exciting sex with women other than your wife, you can have a special experience with real sex dolls. Most importantly, it has never cheated on marriage. It can also protect you from immoral sexual behavior and diseases. You can also persuade your wife to play a three-person tour. You can make intimate moments exciting and memorable. Adult sex dolls will help you and your wife feel the sexual passion again.

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How would you describe your relationship with a sex doll?

Monday, November 5, 2018 3:51:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

Buying sex dolls is one of the most important decisions in my life. A real sex doll user said. When I took the first sex doll, sex doll brothels were not common. You know dolls are not cheap, so this is a difficult economic decision. lifelike silicone dolls
The demand for sex dolls in the market has surged due to the idea of turning all sexual fantasies into reality. In the face of such " fat meat", many businessmen feel that if they do not share the market, they will waste it. Soon, we found that it had to fight the critics. Sex doll suppliers want to apply for legal business licenses and permits. However, there is competition with social ethics. Sex doll fans also don't like being marked as crawler. real doll love
Sex dolls are designed according to the human body structure. If technology is improved and production costs are reduced, love dolls will one day be affordable and widely used. It will be connected to AI in a short time. It helps to solve the problem of companionship of lonely groups. Sex doll brothels also claim that sex dolls can provide a safer sex life than prostitution.

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TPE sex dolls naturally feel more and more satisfied

Monday, November 5, 2018 8:59:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

There are so many people who don't believe that sex dolls will help these guys acquire more sexual skills. Although reality tells us that it is no problem to become a skilled person and surprise your real partner. What you need is a real-life sex doll. This sounds a bit magical. Yes, because female sex dolls are made according to the correct proportion of real women. It also simulates the function of different sexual organs. As you wish, the man was infiltrated three times. When you are in high tide, the sex doll will not say no to you. That's great, isn't it? lifelike silicone dolls
How to explore different gender positions and satisfy yourself? Sex dolls display various services. You can unlock various positions. But you can't expect it to rotate 360 degrees. You can get more enjoyment by knowing the moving range of the metal joint from the instructions. silicone real doll
We are happy to introduce it to those who really need and like it. When you get a real doll, you don't need to buy other toys. Some people think that this ratio seems to be unaffordable. This is also a concern for manufacturers. When manufacturers find TPE more natural but cheaper than silica gel, they will take measures to change materials. This is why TPE sex dolls are very popular in the next few years. For more information about our views on sex dolls, please check our blog about

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Start your day with the partner of a sex doll

Sunday, November 4, 2018 5:35:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Maybe you know the real sex doll for the first time. Maybe you have a stable partner, but when your partner is away, you will think of sex dolls. Or if you are looking for more possibilities of sexual intercourse or masturbation, then a real sex doll will be a reliable choice. silicone dolls
In fact, you can find many sex dolls online. When you Google a sex doll supplier and browse the online store, you may confuse which doll you should buy. Real sex dolls are made to simulate human sexual intercourse. Therefore, it has the same complete sex organs as natural women. You can choose it according to your own preferences and preferences. You can do a preliminary study before buying a sex doll. Here are some suggestions for your reference. I hope it will help. Mini sex doll or normal size sex doll advantage: Mini sex doll can be lifted more easily due to its light size. And its price is lower than that of higher dolls. Disadvantage: The size of the opening is much smaller than the normal size. Please make sure it fits your penis. Built - in vaginal dolls or removable vaginal dolls have the advantage that removable vaginal dolls have a better cleaning effect. It's free to go in and out. DisaVANTAGES: For those who like realistic experiences, the built-in vaginal dolls will be better. Stand - up dolls or ordinary sex dolls have the advantage that sexy sex dolls can exist independently in terms of performance. Disadvantages: Standing sex dolls have screw marks on their feet, their feet are not smooth and their appearance is not beautiful. ultra realistic silicone dolls
If you ask for additional features there, ask for additional fees. I hope you can get a satisfactory sex doll.
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Paedophilia was prosecuted in Massachusetts for sex dolls

Sunday, November 4, 2018 3:47:24 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sean McClure, 48, is a recorded third-class sex offender. He was jailed for rape many times. Police accepted the report that the man bought a child-like sex doll. They are conducting an investigation. In the following work, they found that the man owned and concealed sexual child pornography. McClure was indicted and arrested for child pornography. The case has aroused great public response. Should sex dolls be legal? Due to the vigorous development of international e - commerce, lifelike sex dolls are imported and sold in the market. If we cut down trade ties, paedophiles will not be able to use sex dolls to realize their fantasies and desires. What will they do next? One more thing, what kind of sex doll is it in nature? Is it a child? Not exactly. Sex dolls are created for sex. We have to admit that this special sex toy has a humanized design. It has a set of sexual organs, although some are small. Some doll owners hope to reduce the sales price to ensure quality, while some complain about the size and weight. When manufacturers receive feedback from users, they combine market demands and develop new dolls to meet different demands. The lifelike sex doll technology has developed to a new level. Sex dolls have become more real and intelligent.
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What is it like to insert Vagina? Is it better than a molded vagina?

Saturday, November 3, 2018 7:33:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

Human beings believe that technology-based innovation will facilitate people to enjoy unlimited happiness and reduce unnecessary troubles. This is why insertion into the vagina was developed. What is it like to insert a vagina? It is a detachable vagina that doll owners can easily insert or remove. It helps to clean the vagina separately after use, rather than carrying the whole life like a sex doll just to clean the vagina. realistic latex dolls
After insertion into the vagina, the appearance is the same as the molding type. The insertion into the vagina can be changed at any time. If the vagina is damaged while playing indoors, you can replace it with a new one. The whole sexy doll does not need complicated sex doll repair techniques. the best loved doll
Today, the market sells sex-changing dolls that meet global demand. If you bought a plug-in vaginal sex doll, you don't need to buy a new sex doll, just a penis accessory. Then you can mix and match your genitals at an affordable price. Although some people admit that playing indoors can cause foreign body sensation. That's because inserting the vagina doesn't work seamlessly with a realistic vaginal canal. There is no denying the fact that the molded vagina will feel more real in use.
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Try a sex doll brothel or get a private sex doll

Thursday, November 1, 2018 9:10:25 PM America/Los_Angeles

With the development of economy, people's living standards have improved accordingly, and the adult industry has developed rapidly. The demand for special sex dolls has shown an increasing trend. Some people focus on this business and gradually open doll brothels around the world. They provide realistic sex doll contact experience services through leasing. Generally 80 euros per hour. Since the sex doll providing sexual services is not a natural person, legal operation is allowed. strap on harness
Playing with sex dolls is a completely different experience from previous sex toys. TPE dolls or silicone dolls are not cheap. Many people hesitate before investing. Before buying, sex doll brothels are a good choice. People can enjoy a hard service. If it works, you can use your personal doll. On the contrary, you don't have to risk emptying your pocket. real latex doll
There is some controversy over whether sexy dolls should be banned. Sex dolls appear in public as nude women. It may incite a culture of rape. As we know from this world, society is not yet ready for the results of sex doll robots. However, if we worry too much about the future, how will we enjoy our present life? When you plan to have a private doll, you can visit
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Will sex dolls be useful to human mental health?

Thursday, November 1, 2018 12:27:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

When you see this theme, I think you will shout it out, " Nonsense, how can a sex doll be so useful for mental health?" Although they can't completely replace natural women, it's not funny that they are really good for your physical and mental health. When you are in a love relationship, there are bound to be many big and small conflicts. Vivid sex dolls can help you reduce negative emotions. For many people, they expect a backup partner and will not put them in a bad position. This may be a bad human quality. realistic real doll
There's always a beautiful girl in the family ready to comfort you. I believe this is a kind of satisfaction that everyone desires. The lifelike sex dolls satisfy their fantasy. Compared with other sex toys, lifelike sex dolls can provide more lifelike things. This is a good way to become a partner vacancy. Those who worry about sex always stop in front of that special girl. Love dolls seem to be a good way to overcome sexual anxiety and try sexual activities. Therefore, you will become the best sexual partner. On the next day, you will be ready and feel good. If you are afraid to speak to women, lifelike sex dolls will be an important transition to the girl you want. After a long time of facing such beautiful beauty, we encourage you to talk to that girl. This is definitely a possibility. adult realistic doll
Many people are very picky about their preferences. It increases the difficulty of finding the right one. You must admit that reality does not seem perfect. And you don't have the ability to change the appearance and character of others. If you have a sexy sex doll, you can pour out all your fantasies and realize them. Who can say this is not a good way to be kind and please yourself?

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How do you see the rise and fall of brothels for sex dolls?

Thursday, November 1, 2018 12:16:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

After several sweet fruits, some businessmen have also established their careers to expand the global doll brothel. Although the new business lasted less than two weeks. Local police demanded closure. Unlike the previous two successful operations, the police and citizens seem to have a mind to deal with them. As these areas are not allowed to be opened there, the landlord broke the lease. Sex dolls are not disposable goods, and doll cleaning standards have become problematic. female blow up doll
We know there are doubts about whether real sex dolls fall within the scope of prostitution. Business owners claim that the service they provide is a safe and reliable place to satisfy men's ultimate fantasy. The real woman has nothing to do with it. Sex doll brothels will be a new way to relax and treat yourself well. Although it is difficult to distinguish it from a real woman, it is indeed a sex toy. Real sex dolls can help solve their crazy sexual needs, which may not be realized by a natural woman. Sex dolls have no fear or anxiety. It makes things easier.

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How to prolong the service life of sex dolls?

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:16:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

Most people don't know that effective storage can prolong their life after they live like sex dolls. Then the life like a sex doll was thrown into the garbage truck. It is actually very easy to put in a house far away from sunshine, which will greatly prolong its life. real doll adult
In the past, the sexy dolls we used were inflatable. After technology promotion, the tactile sensation is much different than before. Life like a sex doll is shaped by silicone injection rather than inflation. Sex doll joints are so clever that they twist at a specific angle. In this case, people will feel very realistic. When they face such a life like sex dolls, they will be given the illusion of meeting real human beings. synthetic real doll
For those nerds or Otakus, they have many problems in social interaction. These people usually don't cultivate or even understand their relationship with others. They prefer to live with life-size sex dolls. They hope that someone will understand their real world, even if she can't speak and respond. Although they were very satisfied when talking about what happened in their daily life. Through this doll, they can not only obtain sexual release but also be very good. real doll adult

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Fantasy World - Living with Sex Dolls

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:14:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

There is no doubt that 80 % of people bought a sex doll instead of a high-class prostitute, and it has become a trend to choose a favorite sex doll. They think that such a charming and creative lover, a romantic partner in real life, does not exist or belongs to others. That's why they choose love dolls. real lovedolls
Another majority of the owners who love dolls are willing to use these dolls as emotional sustenance. They may just cross in love and be disappointed at the inconsistency of human beings. For a long time, they won't date another person, but they are afraid that any love doll will never cheat you, cheat you, criticize you, or otherwise say they don't like it. In other words, the love of the sex doll will last forever. Therefore, love dolls become their ideal choice until they have the confidence to return to social life. realistic latex dolls
The third group is sexual partners. If a partner cannot enjoy sex for health reasons. The life of a sex doll is made of silica gel or TPE. The artificial skin is soft, so lifelike and easy to arouse sexual desire. At the same time, love dolls can help reduce stress levels, enhance self-confidence and increase happiness.

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Why do you choose to buy sex dolls online?

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 6:52:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

The common way to get a life like a sex doll should be e - commerce, that is, online shopping. We can conduct a private survey of sexy dolls through the Internet. If we visit physical stores, we should consider many things. You may not find what you need? You may not have a professional answer. You may be embarrassed to respond to sales. Computers can hide your emotions. The price is much higher than the online price. Clear packaging makes people feel ashamed. Some consumers will say that we do not know the quality of the verification doll. Select a reliable sex doll seller to see if it has a clear return policy. For TPE dolls, touch the doll's skin to see if it is similar to real leather. If so, congratulations, you found a good one. Smell. A good-quality sex doll smells faint scent, while a poor-quality sex doll is pungent.
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Flat - panel dolls have long been loved and appreciated

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 5:46:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

What did you think of when we talked about sexy girls? Big breasts, plump breasts, huge breasts. But who dares say that small breasts or flat breasts are not impressive. I don't know what is the standard for your flat-chested girl. But for me, the sales of flat-chested dolls are far larger than those of other sizes in the front-line sales of sex dolls. real doll silicon ' src=' ' alt='sx dolls ' width='300' height='450'> When you browse for sex dolls in, you will feel relaxed. Some magic happens when you enjoy the beautiful appearance of this lovely doll. You'll find everything amazing. They look so real and natural. You'll get a toy crazy night. So click the button to check out and you will see her real in a few days. We believe you will be happy to penetrate it. Then it will bring you to a climax. ivibe rabbit
If you want to get the most fun from your sex life, the only item you need to get is a lifelike sex doll. Enjoy the good time of oral, vaginal and anal sex. All in all, although you may think that such a fake doll is not a perfect sexual partner. She can't understand your thoughts, she can't interact with you, she didn't take the initiative. However, if you consider it from this perspective, you will not be able to satisfy any toys or humans.
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After sex dolls, your life has changed 6 ways

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 6:14:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Every day, we exchange ideas about sex with our customers on social platforms. We were surprised to find that they had been on hold for quite a long time until they finished the settlement and finally bought a sex doll. You know some small elements have far-reaching influence. They feel very lucky. Don't miss this special lover. Then, after owning the love doll, what changes have taken place in their lives? Summarize the six ways they talked about. sec doll
Get experience You never know that a lifelike sex doll will have a positive impact on your life and make you feel more capable and courageous. By taking care of love dolls, this will bring beneficial experience and growing sense. Losing weight is about 60 pounds for a realistic sex doll. When you walk up and down the house, you can imagine how much physical exercise you do all day. pleasure toys
Enhance your self-confidence When you are abandoned by a real woman, you will constantly criticize yourself for not being good enough, not attractive enough, not being smart enough, not being able to exercise and so on. Even if you destroy yourself, your predecessor will not make up for you in any way. On the contrary, real dolls will not argue, envy or embarrass you. You get rid of the negative sound in your mind. This must lead to your confidence. Save money When you go out with a real woman, you must pay for meals, movies, flowers and holiday gifts, not just a day. If she breaks up with you, you must take risks. Try to calculate the cost of a lifelike sex doll. You only need to pay her once and handle the slight Mantian ese ESE fee. real doll buy
Focus on your work When your partner faces you with " which is more important, me or your work", it looks like there is no standard answer. You fully understand that you must overcome such a more vexed problem unless you give up all your work and what you are doing. Think about the real doll at home. She is so quiet that she will never argue with you. She can support everything you do, even if she doesn't know. Best sexual experience Do you want to experience carefree passions? Sex dolls are designed with durable metal skeletons and flexible joints to create more sexual postures. More importantly, you can benefit from real organs ( vagina, mouth, anus ) and get a real experience. sec doll
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How do you see the new era of sex dolls?

Monday, October 29, 2018 12:01:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

Now, when people find that the humanized multi-functional doll robot is attracting the attention of the world, things become so interesting. When people browse related news, websites and images, they learn that a real sex doll has been used and is well known in some niche markets. buy adult costumes
So what is the sex doll made of? The quality sex doll is made of TPE meat and metal skeleton to support a heavy body. The strong and soft body impressed everyone who touched it. The realistic sex doll has the complete body structure of a real woman, including vagina, anus and lovely mouth. This is definitely a worthwhile self - investment. In some cases, sex dolls will help in your difficult times. Because it is easy to treat dolls as natural women. Specifically, the sex doll is a long-term sexual partner. You can take her to many different positions. You will find it may be a good choice for you to realize all your sexual fantasies. real looking adult dolls
Over the years, sex dolls may not be acceptable to some people. They believe that no matter what TPE sex dolls are, natural women should be the first choice. The use of sex dolls is a crime against nature. But in other senses, they allow sex doll robots to enter the home. Because it will make things easier.
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Why does Peple have a different view between Real SEX Doll and AI SEX Robot?

Monday, October 29, 2018 8:19:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sex dolls have developed into human-like versions. It is inevitable that real sex dolls will become part of our lives. When more and more female sex dolls enter the market, do you think it will affect women's role in life? lifelike female dolls
Is the use of female sex dolls a sign of gender discrimination in the current economic boom? Whether these men are likely to belittle, insult or make women invisible. Many people question whether sex dolls are considered more than just sex toys. Some women feel uncomfortable when they see female sex dolls. They think this is often a commercial woman. Sex doll beauty or nude images spread and spread in a crazy way. unscrupulous horny men can judge and comment on women in public. This sounds terrible. adult dolls
The progress of sex dolls is one of the most controversial topics in today's social media. When AI technology entered the sex doll, it attracted worldwide attention. It came up with different views. People are fully interested in getting a partner who speaks realistically. AI sex robots can provide more than we think. People are contradictory. They believe that acquiring AI sex robots is not anti-moral behavior. Then why are realistic dolls unacceptable?

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How to Buy Sex Doll Clothes and Wear Shoes Online?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 10:14:04 PM America/Los_Angeles

Did you buy inappropriate clothes or underwear for sexy sex dolls? If you want to change her style, you can stick to it. When men shop in women's shops, they usually feel embarrassed. They prefer to use online shopping. Although the clothes they bought were usually too big or too small, they could not get a refund because they missed the final return date or cut off the label. If the return is troublesome for you, you should know some tips for buying clothes before adding them to your shopping cart. real doll silicon
1。 Human - sized sex dolls do not have breasts that droop like natural women. For breasts of normal size, it is not necessary to wear an extra bra. If you have super plump dolls, bras can help delay the sagging process. 2。 Get accurate measurements of your sex doll. The size marking of clothes is not a uniform standard. Clothes of the same S size may be different measures. So please take your doll's body as your primary consideration. Compare the clothes size table and find the size closest to the love doll. A slightly larger size would be the best; Cloth, we have repeatedly asked for colorfast clothes. If a sex doll is dyed with colored objects, you must know that it will cause a lot of trouble. real doll silicon
How to deal with clothes that don't fit? Posting and selling or exchanging goods on a second-hand website; Trimmed and sewn to the right size, you must have a tailor' s gift. real doll realistic
The list of sex dolls on introduces the complete body shape and the package of sex dolls. We also provide a suit of clothes so that you can shop better. Any life inquiry about sex life is welcome to link us. Have fun!

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Unlock more sexual skills with sexual idol life

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 4:06:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

Have you ever experienced a three-person tour? How do you think? Many people want to do different things in the bedroom. It doesn't seem easy to play a three-person tour. People other than the couple themselves are at risk of sexual illness or relationship fraud. love with doll
Life like a sex doll has been promoted to super reality. The public is excited about the best appearance and the hottest body. Life like a sex doll is made of TPE silicone material, which is currently the closest human skin. They look more like life, wearing fashionable clothes and fashionable makeup. The breasts and buttocks are soft, elastic and soft. Life like a sex doll can be shaped according to the real size of the human body. They also have flexible skeletons. It is easy to get all kinds of sexual behaviors in behavior or display. love kit
Whether it's a single-player game or a three-person tour. Most importantly, it helps to meet all your sexual needs, needs and fantasies. With reliable online stores, you can get quality sex dolls and best service before, during and after sales. It will give you more sexual interest. In order to get a thriving experience, why not use sexy sex dolls to unlock more sex skills?
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How to choose the best sex doll for you?

Monday, October 22, 2018 6:17:52 PM America/Los_Angeles

E - commerce brings too much convenience. It is easy to get and there are many great things to see. When we face all kinds of sex dolls, all different heights, faces and everything will obviously exist. The best customer service is always on standby to respond to your inquiries. Sex dolls are now very popular. Before finally choosing to take it home, it is important to know what to consider. No matter what decision you make in the end, I sincerely hope it suits you best. If you don't know, you can follow the following. For those beginners who masturbate, customer service suggests that inflatable dolls will be virgin novices or novices practicing sexual skills and enhancing sexual confidence in the bedroom before they can find a real partner. Most importantly, inflatable dolls don't cost too much money. Most people are happy to pay for it. But its price is directly proportional to its quality, and you may change your plastic lover after 3 - 5 times. The real life doll is specially created for better masturbation experience, just like having sex with a real person. That's why people are looking for a more natural sex life. The real sex doll is of better quality, and its cost is equal to that of an inflatable doll. High - quality sex dolls are divided into silicone and TPE according to different materials. TPE sex dolls are relatively affordable. What kind of real-life TPE dolls can simulate genitals, such as anus and vagina. The illusion of sexual intercourse brings unforgettable pleasure to people. In addition, the bent metal skeleton can assume the most posture. A lonely man deserves a romantic sex tour, starting with a TPE sex doll.
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The amazing results of sexual experience combined with fantasy and sex doll

Sunday, October 21, 2018 3:50:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

The reality is that men in many countries have less sex education. They can't clarify what makes them feel sexually happy. Men cannot tell their partners what they want and need. They must sneak into the exploration tour. real doll buy
# Sex dolls can provide men with more sexual opportunities and amazing pleasure. Well, what do you think of sex dolls except beautiful faces and sexy bodies? For a more realistic feeling, sex doll manufacturers also pay attention to sex organs. Yes, the lifelike sex doll has three entrances and can penetrate very well. Don't hesitate any more. No matter what you choose, you will become the master of the bedroom. adult dolls
All kinds of sex dolls have different shapes and sizes of mouth, vagina and anus. In order to make full use of the sex doll, you can choose the most suitable body for yourself. Then it will bring you an exciting climax. If you have rich fantasy, the real feeling will be optimized. When a sex doll is introduced into sex play, you can try to put it on a thick blanket.

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Get a sex doll and let your freak go out to play

Saturday, October 20, 2018 7:50:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

No matter why your partner refuses you, she always has a reason if she doesn't want to. When you try to make your fantasy come true, you can't get an effective response. sexy real sex dolls
or you're too shy. You can't open your mouth and ask your partner about the possibility of achieving sexual interest. You may never get campus flowers on campus. Then you happened to see this real sex doll website and found many real sex dolls that are not more attractive than campus flowers. Most importantly, they don't mind satisfying and comforting you anyway. real looking adult dolls
The real sex doll will obey your will completely. You can always decide the best way forward. We are glad to know that you will enjoy sex entertainment with real sex dolls. We assume that you have a lot of ideals and fun. You will find your comfort zone and bad sexual behavior. We are convinced that this is a positive way to understand our physical needs and desires. It will help our relationships. It is more like a sexual experiment to avoid bad things before the right things come.

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How to be a great lover

Saturday, October 20, 2018 5:36:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

For a long time, some people said that men were crazy about sexual hunger, but after sexual liberation, it was changed to correction. Women have the same or more sexual desire in daily life. Under such circumstances, how can a man satisfy his partner in the bedroom? real doll buy
One day, reporters ran into the street and stopped some people at random to find out which features of men are most attractive to women lying in bed. The shortcut to a woman's heart is gentleness, humor, and looks clean. When we talk about what kind of men can bring the most orgasms to women. We conclude as follows: Attraction, humor, creativity, warmth, loyalty and good smell pay more attention to women's happy sexual skills, men who give their partners more orgasms even care about what she wants and likes. More sexual intercourse can easily make their partner happy, and they are likely to understand their partner's deepest desires. Most of them usually use sex toys to provide clitoral stimulation in foreplay and then proceed smoothly. perfect silicone doll
Great lovers are not born naturally. They grew up through various sexual experiences. However, it rarely does so in the real world. Not all men are lucky enough to have sexual partners. So what smart men do to improve their sexual behavior comes the skill on the eve of life. inflatable doll
Love dolls will become good partners in sex learning. First, love dolls live like human women. She even had gorgeous, huge breasts, big cigarette butts, beautiful faces and slender bodies. She also has a sense of reality. Organs include anus and vagina. She can choose to stand or sit. it will be dependent on your decision. This is obviously a big topic. But men's goal is to build a healthier, happier and more gender-positive dream world, so as to get real reciprocity. This is a hard study, starting with love dolls.

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How to use sex toys to arouse sexual pleasure?

Saturday, October 20, 2018 3:30:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Sexual pleasure is an inherent right of people. As the saying goes, sex toys are only for lonely people and have no value at all. In fact, they can be an important part of a couple's game. Couples are using them to get more orgasms or bigger, stronger and wilder orgasms. There is nothing wrong with bringing sex toys into the bedroom. When you know how your body reacts to sex toys, you can quickly explore your body. If you want to find more kinds in your sex life, if you want to try something new together, then choosing a sex toy will be really powerful. Toys can be a mediator in the exchange of sexual desire. When you want to stimulate more sexual organs, sex toys will help you finish it. More importantly, in our daily life, the people in the relationship do not always arouse sexual desire at the same time. If you have sexual desire and want to be released, your partner didn't really start. Then you can use sex toys to get foreplay. So toys can make your lovers play better. You'll think it's not bad to take an unusual approach in the competition. It will add excitement and joy to what you are doing. Do you want your private live porn? You can design some pornographic scenes, or you may be a bystander and see your partner masturbate in front of you. Any sign of waking up his moans, sighs, and swollen penis will make you more excited. As you wish, you can explore some new technologies.
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Hungry sex man's sex doll

Friday, October 19, 2018 8:57:17 PM America/Los_Angeles

A survey found that the ratio of male to female in today's society is seriously unbalanced at 3: 1. This means that two heterosexuals out of three men must be alone. Lonely men living in sexual hunger are deeply worried. Many people realize that the lack of sexual life distresses adults. After months of setbacks, these people are seeking relief online. That's why online dating and sex cameras are so popular. It also provides a new and better solution for the lonely guy. This is what we call a sex doll. toys for men
As a sex doll, she is a submissive sexual partner and a quiet life partner. You may wonder why I advocate real sex dolls. For those lonely people, sexual drought may bring potential risks to our peaceful society. In the worst case, hungry sex men may suffer harassment, rape and crime. ultra realistic silicone dolls
If there are any negative results, there is no need to deny sex dolls access to your poor single life. Lonely people fear condemnation from neighbors and family. Even if they buy a sex doll online, they also hope to get a promise from the supplier not to display its contents on the shipping mark. I sincerely hope that this lifelike sex doll will soon normalize. Men don't need to hide their girls under the bed or in dark corners.
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Do you really know about sex toys?

Friday, October 19, 2018 2:00:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

People like all kinds of sex toys undercover, but they can't talk about them in bed. They study and use these sex toys in the shadows. Even if they fully understand that some sex toys will help their marriage and sex life. How to use sex toys? Some parts of sex toys are realistic organs to realize human's private sexual desire. Other parts are tools for stimulating and arousing sexual desire. People use them to get an effective sex life. More importantly, most people live alone and use sex toys to meet their physiological needs. Sex toys will be seen as partners supporting male erection of female genitals. Now, there are many advanced products for you to choose from. With the progress of the sex industry, more and more people understand and invest in life like sex dolls. Why is this personality doll becoming popular? Life like a sex doll has authentic mouth, anus and vagina. It can bring a wonderful experience. Sexy sex dolls also bring about new experiences and changes in sexual life. What kind of sex toys do you have? Vibration Type When you want to get something new and exciting in your sexual experience, you can consider vibrators. It is very important to select the appropriate vibrator. You'd better choose according to your requirements for vibrator shape and stimulation effect ( i.e g - spot, clitoris or vagina ). Then you can finish your best sex life by yourself. Simulating human organ types, some realistic human bodies are dedicated to developing people's fun. Vagina, anus or penis buttocks become more and more functional. In addition, some people are looking for real feelings. They prefer the whole human body. That's why sexy sex dolls are already buzzing in sex products. Multifunction type Some smart manufacturers improve the function of sex toys because people complain that all kinds of sex toys are not easy to store. Therefore, manufacturers have created a new type that combines vibration types with real genitals. The sex product market has changed rapidly, creating endless new products. If you want to enjoy the latest sex products, please visit We will pay attention to your frequent sharing.
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Idol lover: the romantic relationship between sex doll lovers and sex dolls

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 6:35:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

John & Tony & # 39 in western Chicago; S has a special couple. John, 54, and his girl Jackie, long hair and beautiful women in wheelchairs. Many people are concerned about John and Tony & # 39; S was curious. They were curious about John's romantic relationship with Jackie. Why? Jackie is a real sex doll. high quality silicone dolls
Jackie is not like an ordinary girl. She was unable to respond to the surrounding environment. She can't walk alone, so she is always in a wheelchair. She can't speak, but you believe she can not interrupt all your words. John wants to take his beloved girl on a romantic date. Once John felt happy, they would stare at each other and smile. John was also happy to talk to Jackie, although Jackie was always listening to John. Maybe passers-by think this is a strange conversation. cheap blow up dolls
From the romantic relationship between John and Jackie, we know that there are not a few people who choose to live with sex dolls. Some people use sex dolls for art and friendship, and they maintain non-sexual relationships. For those who have lost love and cannot go out to seek a new life, lifelike sex dolls will undoubtedly become a perfect way.

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What do people think of African sex dolls?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 5:16:12 PM America/Los_Angeles

Finally, real-life sex dolls are widely known around the world. Sex dolls are made according to women's appearance and body shape. It has completely shaped female characteristics. Touch feeling is very real. In South Africa, people seem very eager to get a sex doll. strap on harness
For some of them, sex dolls will be offered more than those complicated real women in the bedroom. Without judgment, people will feel more relaxed than before. That's why they welcome sex dolls. Some men will involuntarily compare sex dolls with real women. They showed their happiness with lifeless sex dolls. Peaceful companies are sometimes more comfortable than those pale words. At the same time, women are also committed to work and career. They also feel annoyed and hope to complain to others after work. Although all these negative emotions are sometimes not accepted by men. xxx store
On the other hand, some married women have low sexual desire after giving birth. Men may feel depressed and lonely. And real-life sex dolls will likely balance marriage and avoid infidelity. For others, real-life sex dolls can help ease the mood. Some men insist that sex dolls are good both physically and psychologically. All in all, sex dolls will not let you down anyway.
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Why are so many people investing in sex dolls?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 5:07:27 AM America/Los_Angeles

The era of wisdom has brought great convenience to our life. At the same time, it also deprives us of meaningful interpersonal contact. Technology should make us more connected. We can always keep in touch with our friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instant Gram and various social applications via text and video communication without any delay. More connected with you to keep in touch with friends. On the contrary, when people are addicted to the smartphone culture, it makes us more lonely because everyone is eager to be embraced and loved. silicone real doll
As a requirement in healthy relationships, sex dolls are considered to be an effective way to satisfy people's emotional sustenance. The sex doll is made of the most advanced medical thermoplastic elastomer material and has an all-metal skeleton. Just because the sex doll is so lifelike, Widower ordered a lifelike doll similar to his wife's. Celebrity fans made a realistic doll like their favorite model. A single person with a dream partner. So. realistic silicone dolls
If you say you don't need such a demand, you are lying. Make a life-size sex doll that you live with. It's not complicated now. You can guess that for only 1000 dollars, you can enjoy a happy time as your ideal lover. This is a very valuable investment. For male sex dolls, you can easily get them from usexd oll. com. believe it or not, you have already started a dream world.

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DIY guide to repair life like a sex doll

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 4:54:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

Improper use like a sex doll can easily damage its surface. Then it will pay high maintenance fees at its own expense. If you only know how to solve these minor problems, you will appreciate the following guidelines. 1. How to deal with pressure marks on the surface of sex dolls? Because of the long-term pressure on other objects and the marks on the surface of the doll, you can cover the marks with a warm and wet towel, and then heat the cloth surface with a blower until the marks and impressions disappear. How to Recover Surface Crack of Doll? A small bottle of repair solvent is needed. Please adjust the doll to the position where the crack can be folded first, then clean the crack and the stains around it until it dries and apply adhesive to the crack. Finally, repair the cracks and wait for the adhesive to dry and solidify. For broken holes, fill the holes with adhesive and polish them to conform to the surrounding skin. Be careful not to move or squeeze life like a sex doll during the curing process. how to remove stains from your sex life? First, you need a pot of detergent and an ordinary cotton bud. Soak the paste in the TPE stain remover tank with the paste. The paste is directly applied to stains on the skin of TPE dolls. The stain remover is reacted and tolerated by the patient. It takes 3 to 5 hours for this action to work. Use a clean cloth to wipe off the rest of the decontamination cream from the real doll's skin. If the stain still exists, you only need to repeat the previous steps as needed.
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Is masturbation good for health or bad?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 4:44:20 AM America/Los_Angeles

We have to admit that people in the community used to take a violent attitude towards things they didn't understand. Any anti-traditional concept is easy to get social censure. That's because it's an easy thing to attack orally or physically. Although we know that babies in the womb are happy to touch their own genitals. This is entirely natural and contrary in the process of growth. Perhaps this is the result of the old myth. But in fact, wise masturbation is good for our health. realistic inflatable doll
physiologically, the tent can stretch the cervix, thus stretching the cervical mucus. In this way, the liquid can be circulated and the cervical liquid filled with bacteria can be washed away. Masturbation can help open the cervix to prevent infection. Insomnia can use masturbation to keep good sleep. In addition, men can reduce the risk of prostate cancer through masturbation. Others say it can reduce depression in some way. In this way, it is believed that sexually transmitted infections can be eliminated. realsexdoll
From the point of view of sexual health, masturbation is a safe way of sexual behavior, suitable for those who don't want to get pregnant and avoid sexually transmitted infections. They don't need to consider whether they will hurt their partner in any way. In addition, it is obvious that masturbation is more important in foreplay and is ready for orgasm. Interactive masturbation will help improve sexual pleasure. lov doll
Pay clear attention to masturbation to establish healthy behaviors and attitudes in a standardized way.
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The Super Real Feeling of Playing with Sex Dolls

Monday, October 15, 2018 10:00:27 PM America/Los_Angeles

women using vibrators
Most people have no problem finding people in long-term relationships. They finally got married. Some people repeatedly participate in marriage and divorce for the right person. There are many people who cannot enjoy the sweetness of a good relationship. Mr Dawson, a strong man sank into a seat and said airily, " I've been dating for more than a year since my leg was broken. it seems I'm isolated." " maybe I should order a sex doll, and then my house must not be desolate.". He added. Some people like to live like sex dolls. It may be one of the few options to have fun and spend a lonely time. Life like a sex doll is becoming part of a large social community. People who truly satisfy the life of sex dolls think they are very attractive. Sex dolls have many advantages. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is to help the owner release his sexual desire. She neither welcomed nor refused, but was neutral. The real feeling of sexy dolls will lead you to misunderstand that you are playing with real people.

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Tips for Easily Repairing Injuries of TPE Sex Dolls

Sunday, October 14, 2018 9:00:08 AM America/Los_Angeles

Warm Reminder: Stay away from anything sharp when playing TPE dolls. If your sex doll is damaged by sharp objects such as knives, scissors or long nails, please relax and you can follow the instructions below to repair it. real doll adult
You will use TPE adhesive, toothpicks, clean lint-free cloth and kitchen paper. Instructions for use: 1 put the sex doll flat; Use a clean lint-free cloth to wipe away the dust and water stains around the scratches. Put a piece of kitchen paper on the damaged incision to prevent the adhesive from splashing elsewhere. 4 claws at the same time, pick up a little adhesive with toothpick; 5. Add adhesive to the wound incision and clamp it as soon as possible. In two minutes, it will get stuck. real se doll
PS: Do not pour the adhesive into the damaged incision, which will cause deep damage. It will burn through chemical action.

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Sex doll is not what I want, but I need it

Saturday, October 13, 2018 8:51:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

In the late-night radio play, there was a man's phone call in the middle of the year. He told the announcer that he wanted to have a pleasant sex, which was not necessary but really helpful. Without a satisfactory sex life, he cannot concentrate on his work. He became more emotional. As a result, there will be negative emotions such as narrowness, sadness, depression and so on. Sex doll is not what I want, but I need it. This is not the scope of a real woman's ability. Psychiatrists confirmed that he was sex addiction. perfect silicone doll
This man urgently needs to get rid of this tense demand. He forced himself to stop using sex dolls. " You can't understand how bad it is to lose balance." silicone doll usa
In the end, he endured his friend's judgment and accepted that the sex doll was his indispensable partner. To be honest, when he wants to have sex with love dolls, he has no conflict with others. If it is important to you, admit it.
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Shopping Tips for Attracting Your Sex Doll

Saturday, October 13, 2018 3:12:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Looking for some new dresses to make her look sexier usually, the sex supplier will send a dress with a sex doll. But if you want to see changeable images. You must buy some doll clothes. Try to add bras, eyelashes, thongs, stockings and suspenders to your store list. Please note that no stains are allowed on TPE dolls. Cleaning may be a problem. So please stay away from faded clothes. Different hairstyles and hair colors change in appearance from hairstyles and hair colors. Whether you like curly hair or more straight hair, or try to change from a sweet hippie girl to a rock style. Use your creative brain to get all kinds of girls. Accessories can be divided into head, chest, accessories, clothes, decorative back, waist pendant, foot and other accessories according to the different parts worn. Pay attention to away from sharp metal objects, otherwise, sex dolls will be damaged. By the way, lifelike sex dolls with warm hats look more attractive. Welcome to share your doll meaning and experience.
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There are six things about sex toys that you may have misunderstood

Saturday, October 13, 2018 1:47:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sex toys are used by people who have no relationship or sexual partners. In fact, it can make your sex life more interesting. Sex toys play an important role in sex foreplay. According to the latest online survey, the ratio of couples using sex toys in sex experience is 20 - 30 %. Men carry sex toys to get more information about their own erectile response and learn to manipulate ejaculation to get better bed performance. sex toys are enslaved patients. In fact, a sex toy is an object or device that is mainly used to cheer up hot spots for sexual pleasure. It helps magnify every feeling you have and release repressed sex. if a woman carries a sex toy, she will be treated as a slut. The traditional sex in bed is characterized by male initiative and female passivity. Although women cannot achieve sexual satisfaction even after men are released. Therefore, it is natural for women to use sex toys. 4 sex toys create less natural orgasms by stimulating heat to release sexual desire. 5 good anger and bad anger are neither good nor bad except for those high-intensity toys, but they can be thought of in any kind of light. You think it's too hard, too deep, and others think it's perfect. It will become interesting when you find the best thing for you. 6 sex toys will hurt your body. in fact, the more orgasms you have, the more likely you will have them during sex. So far, there is no evidence that sex toys can damage or harm your sexual sensitivity and genitals.
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Life - sized sex dolls want to know all your sexual fantasies

Thursday, October 11, 2018 4:48:25 PM America/Los_Angeles

The life-size sex doll is a kind of sex toy used for masturbation. It is lifelike. The torso, head and genitals of the whole body are so lifelike that they conform to the characteristics of the body. They have a special ability to make human beings naturally enjoy a convincing sexual experience. They are usually equipped with lifelike vagina, anus and mouth. The real touch will easily stimulate the inner sexual desire of human beings. best real doll
For men, all new sex dolls are pure and beautiful virgins. In front of them, men who lack sexual experience can quickly increase their confidence. Then go out with the real woman. Although sexy sex dolls are created for pleasant and complicated masturbation. Some men realized it was great to bring it into the couple's game. Because of its gorgeous appearance and lifelike appearance, it is like a third party in the bedroom. They can enjoy the three-person tour without any guilt or fear. sexy sex doll Love dolls are becoming temporary partners for people working away from home. Then they avoided legal and moral condemnation and judgment. They are allowed to fulfill all their sexual fantasies, just like a real woman. Sex dolls will never say no, you can try many sexual interests you have never done before.

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The doll owner fell in love with the artificial robot after the divorce

Wednesday, October 10, 2018 3:03:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

The 60 - year - old man with two children is famous for being the first person to get the most advanced doll robot, which is worth 15,000 pounds. It has an amazing ability to remember your birthday and orgasm. inflatable real doll
Until now, the man has five artificial robot partners. It began with his divorce. best realistic dolls
Sex Doll Manufacturers have performed well in developing AI technology in recent years. They raced to invite him to experience the intelligent doll robot. Consumers can customize the appearance of the sex doll robot. Even the nipple color or labia. For better interaction, the sex doll robot has created more versions. Do you want to see a doll suitable for your family? Do you like emotional love dolls? They can switch to shy mode or jealous mode. Sex doll robots have plenty of space to store their owners' preferences. They will remember your favorite food, movies and music. The man named Brick admits that a real doll player will find his interest. More lonely people joined the organization.

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The irresponsible disposal of lifelike sex dolls may cause panic

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 10:15:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

On Thursday afternoon ( September 27 ), a body was found in a garbage bag near the hillside of Richardson Forest Reserve in Ohio. Police quickly announced that this is a real-life female sex doll. This sounds like a false alarm. But you can search for and find similar strange events that happen a lot. my silicone doll
Not long ago, a suspicious body was reported floating in the water in Upper Austria in northern Austria. The witness called the police. When the rescue vehicle was on standby and the police drove the ship to the body, it turned out to be an explosive sex doll. Finally, it was picked up from the water. The same incident occurred in Cornwall, where the police received help from fishermen. He told the police that there was a floating body in the waters near Nuki. Fortunately, they finally found out that this is a real doll. sexy sex doll
In July 2016, it happened in Amsterdam. Neighbors saw a woman standing by the window in her underwear for a long time. He was worried and surprised that no one answered the door and knocked at the door. Then he called the police. When the police rushed in to see that she was a beautiful woman, it was made of TPE or silica gel.
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In the age of intelligence, sex doll robots will be more popular than real women

Sunday, October 7, 2018 8:35:09 PM America/Los_Angeles

The number of people searching for sex dolls on the Internet has increased in a straight line in the last two years. People are curious about the attraction of this mannequin. At the same time, they worry that the existence of sex dolls will have a negative impact on women. When people browse sexy nude dolls online, it looks like they are watching real human porn. They seem obscene and vulgar. Although it has caused a heated debate on social networks, there is no explicit provision in the law to stop buying and using real sex dolls. real se doll
Due to its excellent appearance and lifelike body features, real sex dolls are still the highest rated of all sex toys, including inflatable dolls. Sex dolls offer another possibility of enjoying the ultimate sex life. Soon, under the influence of leisure economy, a series of businessmen started renting brothels for sex dolls. silicone women dolls
But the public will never allow real sex doll brothels to appear on busy streets. The Houston City Council has set a precedent that the county will abide by legislation prohibiting the rental of sex dolls. At the same time, it doesn't mean buying sex dolls. That is to say, you can take the sex doll home, which is legal.
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Disturbing trends in sex dolls

Saturday, October 6, 2018 6:43:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

The progress of the adult industry has changed the situation that the majority of the sex toy market serves women. Men want women to be submissive, submissive and passive. Although women are more independent to achieve equality. More importantly, radical feminism recognizes that women are more capable than men. They don't need men, because fake penis and vibrator can solve all sexual problems. People who have no need will feel depressed. taboo toys
Human beings, especially men, are visually inclined creatures. This means they don't like the fat, ugly, old lady at hand. In other words, men's ideal sexual partner is a beautiful and perfect physical feature, and never say no to them. It's a love doll. There's no doubt about it. Love dolls are getting more and more attention. It has become a huge force in the adult service industry. With the widespread establishment of sex doll brothels, it is believed that TPE sex dolls are causing mass unemployment of sex workers. The public interest is on the rise, and the sex doll brothel has become a place for complete male sexual fantasies in a safe manner. These life-size sex dolls are made of TPE or silica gel and metal skeleton. They can be used for various sexual behaviors. A sex doll brothel will clean it and spray powder after use. If you are worried about its cleaning or not sharing it with others, you can buy a sex doll online.

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How do sex dolls manage sexual desire in a healthy way?

Saturday, October 6, 2018 6:22:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

Although in most countries, they all follow the policy of monogamy. In fact, spouses are looking for sexual adventures related to high sexual desire in their marriage relationship with others. On the other hand, they feel very depressed and guilty because it comes from emotional attachment. Harm marriage. eal doll adult
Another kind of person, Celibatarian, is away from this complicated marriage. So how do they deal with sexual desire? If they have enough wealth to find a long-term sexual partner, they are also celibates. Obviously, it happened on rare occasions. They felt shame, emptiness and loneliness once had nothing to do with attachment. That's because sexual desire often has nothing to do with sex. Physical, mental, spiritual or relationship health is more. love kit
Masturbation is a quick solution. The super crowd used masturbation as a way to feel loved, wanted, known, sexy and valuable even if it was a moment. When people indulge in this unhealthy way, their real desire has not been really solved. Therefore, masturbation is not desirable, and people should seek a comfortable relationship to satisfy their desires. sez doll
Sex dolls have already appeared in the growing scene of human development. In addition to obvious sexual activities, lifelike sex dolls enhance human intimacy. Unresolved arguments, resentment, daily stress, etc. People can express their feelings and thoughts to sex dolls. Good listeners are an advantage of sex dolls. To some extent, they have curbed the feelings of asexual love. ivibe rabbit
Basically, everything you do is actively and correctly handled for the love of sex dolls. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of rejection and dissatisfaction. No one understands you better than a love doll.

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At present, the standard of female sex beauty is that men pursue beautiful sex dolls

Saturday, October 6, 2018 3:14:10 AM America/Los_Angeles

In order to attract potential love interest, women can have plastic surgery, learn makeup, and focus on the beauty of the face and body. They spend too much on beauty and fitness. How about those lazy girls? We know that people want to share their selfies on SNS. The girls will not release their selfies until they are sure it is edited as perfect. They will enlarge the eyes, make the skin whiter, extend the legs and narrow the face. doc johnson toys
" Natural beauty won't go out with us, and we don't like to date you." Men marveled at them finding those fake faces. But if you show a real-life sex doll in the store, many people will not hesitate to pay. You can see the pomp in the physical store. Many people are active buyers. However, there is a shipping problem that needs to be solved. This is a very large carton. So many people are turning to online shopping. They can get it at home. Under the promise of careful transportation, they can avoid any embarrassment. They no longer fear unfriendly eyes.
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Unbelievable! Sex doll owners soared in 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018 11:14:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Some people say that real dolls are luxuries in sex toys. Are those doll buyers high earners? Not exactly. We can analyze the electronic market of sex dolls. toys for men
We're not talking about sex robots or AI sex dolls here. Because it is not yet active. No matter whether the future sex robot will become a competitor or an important company, human beings will not stop the technological adventure. Returning to this topic, some countries have specific documents to restrict the exposure and dissemination of pornography - related products. As a result, sex dolls are also banned from the list. Perhaps the legislation of these countries should be higher than the social needs. The government believes that the demand for pornography will taint people's minds. Therefore, it seriously hinders people's enthusiasm to improve their living standards. After sex culture permeates the public, what should we do? When you can accept love dolls, sex robots in other countries have developed greatly. real adult dolls
Now, when a sex doll is sent to your door, you will hardly be dissatisfied with her. Sex dolls or mannequins have an almost real appearance. No matter what her cosmetic or facial features are, dolls can be considered real women. Most importantly, she will not change because of her age. The rated range of this humanized product ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Sex doll is an affordable product. Depending on your financial situation, you can decide what kind of love doll to buy.
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Fashion experience, a happy sex doll

Thursday, October 4, 2018 2:33:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

inflatable doll adult
We are very interesting in amazing sex. However, we seldom talked about this issue openly in the past, and the traditional old saying even thought it was bad. Nowadays, people have a proper understanding of safe behavior. People no longer avoid these topics. Sometimes, you expect more creative sex life to experience more sexual pleasure. You may have too many crazy ideas in your bedroom. However, it is not easy to have a correct match. It is not easy. The most popular sex toys are like sex dolls. One of the most popular advantages is that it is hotter than real people. You can get more sex life at will. You have found some sex dolls while browsing the website. You may be deeply absorbed by those beautiful girls. As you learn more and more knowledge, you will find a huge ultimate dream world. If you realize that a sexy sex doll can make your imagination crazy in bed. So why give up projects that interest you? Quickly turn it into a private service model. Just stay at home, there are many doll suppliers online through the Internet, and you will find that girls attract you. Whether it's a big chest or a flat chest, they have various types to choose from. Use your hand to add magic to your mouse. Technology has brought a new sexual experience, and we know you will make full use of it. For the sex doll robot, you can keep the website and follow the latest information.
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Global Doll Boom in 2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 9:09:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

Human beings are rapidly catching up with the craze for sex dolls. Although their prices are quite high, the demand for sex dolls is booming. In the next few years, sex dolls or sex robots may be as common as vibrators in bedside drawers. They look like a really beautiful woman, never old. These dolls will change the way we interact with others. Why does it become a trend that people like to have sex with dolls instead of humans? Due to the lack of openness and honesty in discussing intimate and sexual relationships in the real world, we tend to choose easier ways to meet our needs. The advantages of sex dolls outweigh the disadvantages of some people. For example, for the disabled, this is a way of sexual life for them, or for men who are more socially withdrawn and less confident - they seem to be the ones who like sex dolls best. In addition, doll owners can treat them as they wish. I think so. There is no consequence for abusive owners or lowering the sex robot. Although still full of controversy, some people expressed concern that apart from causing people to end up in debt, it may lead to friction in relations. However, the other part concludes that the impact may also be positive, allowing people to enjoy more sexual pleasure and new experiences. Social people usually have prejudice and rejection towards new things. In fact, like everything else, lifelike sex dolls are an extension of dialogue and broaden our understanding of human sexuality and relationships.
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Why are more and more people pursuing the life of sex dolls?

Monday, October 1, 2018 8:35:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

Life like a sex doll may be considered one of the most attractive adult products. It is the popularity of real human appearance. Sex dolls are imitative art. Consumers were satisfied when they received the package. Sex dolls can do many human failures, but they cannot replace what human beings do. This is not to say that sex doll owners will not marry other real human beings, nor that married men need sexy sex dolls. The main target customers are the middle-aged and the elderly. There may be several reasons why they do not choose women to go out. They won't go out and let prostitutes risk sexually transmitted diseases. The high interest rate for a one-night stand that provides better services exceeds their budget. Many women outside are heartless. They're only for your money. They don't want to cheat their wives and marriages. So why do they think it is a good choice to have a life like a sex doll? They have been fighting outside for the enterprise for a long time. The wife or girlfriend is not with them. Sexy sex dolls can be seen as substitutes for partners. Their wives may be too cold or lose their sexual function to meet their sexual needs. Their wife is pregnant. They may have been cheated and traumatized by their predecessors. They are unable to communicate with real women at the moment. Just a curious doll and willing to have a special experience. I'm glad to see this beautiful young girl, just like the best time in their lives. They are very interested in photography. They want to take pictures of anime and beauty. In order to be skillful, the elderly living alone can be well accompanied by sex dolls.
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How to pick up a wig for your love doll?

Monday, October 1, 2018 6:03:17 AM America/Los_Angeles

Why do women always pursue hairstyles? They usually spend more than four hours changing their hairstyles. Is hairstyle really worth it? Different hairstyles will differ in appearance. Do you want your life-size sex doll to look like a real woman? Then let's equip it from the head. You can consider the head shape. Different wigs will fit different face shapes. Knowing the type of face can avoid unfavorable factors and find precise directions. Here are the general directions for correct selection. # # # 1. Goose egg noodles: It is standard noodles and is suitable for various hairstyles. Round face: It looks lovely and has long straight hair. The front of the hair on both sides is irregular and touches the face like air. It helps to lengthen the face. # # # 3 Long Face: It needs to cover part of the face. Short fluffy hair and thick bangs are a good choice. Square Face: Soft long hair will feel soft. It makes up for the lack of broad forehead. real doll adult
Other dress tips for love dolls will be updated in the next few days. Welcome to visit again.

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How to find the cheapest sex doll online?

Sunday, September 30, 2018 7:39:56 PM America/Los_Angeles

We know that the life of a sex doll is not suitable for the average consumer. Some silicone dolls even exceed 10,000. Many people insist on the truth that " no good goods are cheap". Cheap sex dolls must be disposable. Although absolutely incorrect. First of all, we must clarify what the price of controlled dolls is. Material: TPE dolls are much cheaper than silicone. Reality dolls popular in the market are usually made of TPE or silica gel. Both materials can make the skin of a sex doll look like a real person. You can't tell the difference between TPE or silicone in the appearance of a sex doll. Although TPE dolls are much softer than most silicone toys. If you prefer the feeling of shaking, you can buy a TPE sex doll. But one thing is at a disadvantage. Due to material properties, TPE skin is difficult to repair cracks if damaged. Silicone dolls can be repaired with most silicone rods. Bay Height: Short sex dolls are much cheaper than high sex dolls. A shorter body means less material for molding. The price of 100 cm sex dolls and 170 cm sex dolls varies greatly. C。 Graphic size: Flat sex dolls are much cheaper than full toys. Most men like beautiful women with big breasts, long legs and a firm bottom. They especially like to grope their breasts and grab their buttocks during sex play. d。 Head Design: Different head types require different processes. The cost of each head varies. Its popularity proves its considerable cost. That is, promotion activities: In addition to regular promotion activities, suppliers also hold clearance sales to obtain perfect turnover. Keep an eye on this. You may achieve great things. All in all, if you spend time doing smaller research online, you can get sexy sex dolls at a fairly low cost.
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Like a sex doll, what is your life like?

Sunday, September 30, 2018 5:01:35 AM America/Los_Angeles

You have walked through the boutique without hesitation. After sex dolls join your family, you will begin to focus on underwear stores, fashion stores or you will browse various online stores for better choices. For these fashion series, your sex doll will appear in the form of a personal display. You used to feel bored every weekend. Now your life has become rich and colorful. You began to learn to take care of sex dolls. You dress for her, make up for her, and bathe her. # # # 3 With sexy sex dolls around you, you will be satisfied and enjoy a quiet afternoon. You can read books for her or play romantic music on the guitar. She will be glad to see you when you tidy up your clothes. There is also a " afternoon movie" which is good. You can let her lie on a soft blanket or a thick quilt. Hold her in this happy half - day. male blow up doll
5 When you are released, she will look at you. This is an incredible intimacy and incredible satisfaction. Because god is my witness, she is too hot. You can't stop to slide up and down her thigh. Without much time, you will open yourself with her real touch.
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Shopping Guide for Buying Satisfactory Dolls

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 4:10:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

realistic silicone dolls
Why do some people choose artificial partners? It is caused by many ways. SingleDon' T like WoMenunSocialDisabled Sexuals Long - Distance Relations Fetish has benefited from technological and material improvements, and manufacturers have gradually developed more and more realistic sex dolls. More and more people are interested in adult sex dolls. This may be due to ease of use. It can meet your needs at any time. More importantly, there are many choices in terms of size and face to attract the imagination of different nationalities. Then why do people prefer to have sex with the sex doll of life? Silicone / TPE skin material makes the body of the sex doll look very lifelike. Life dolls are created according to perfect human characteristics, which provides a good way for sex practice. The real genitals will give you an amazing orgasm. Not cheating in marriage is a good choice for sexually active people. There is no risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. How to buy a valuable sex doll at an affordable price without emotion? Is it right that sex dolls with high interest rates are better? Not exactly. There are many types of sex dolls on the market. Each supplier will adopt a favorable promotion method in a completely competitive marketing environment. Choose dolls according to your requirements and budget. Then pay close attention to the sex doll you want. Once the discount announcement is issued, you can buy the perfect love doll at an incredible low price. If you are looking for a discount on a sex doll sold in, please leave your comments and we will be happy to assist in your purchase.
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The best crazy cute sex doll to make your lover

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 7:11:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

Whether your Valentine's Day is good or bad, you may not celebrate it alone. In January 201, there were several headlines on the Internet. According to the new search data of Google's online trend, sex toys were most searched for on the website in January. Some men are likely to spend valentine's day on sexual valentine's day. After all, Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. Sex toys in the bedroom will also become the theme. This sweet day will become the mainstream. Many retailers think this opportunity can promote and sell them. This Valentine's Day will be the busiest day in ten years. If you have been waiting for a good price for your dream sex doll, now is the time to get it. This is usexd oll's tendency to go all out to get the best start in 2018. Amazing sales and special life offers like sex dolls have been released on Valentine's Day. Click on the link below for better access. These may be sold out, so don't delay! Love Doll Valentine's Day Sales and Trading 2018
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Monday, September 24, 2018 11:35:01 PM America/Los_Angeles

Usexd Oll has the most gorgeous love doll. Maybe you have your own body preference. Let's look at the details of the sex doll. So you can find what you want most. The height and digital love doll can be separated according to its height. It has 136 cm, 140 cm, 145 cm, 153 cm, 156 cm, 158 cm, 163c m, 165 cm. All these are standard models. The price of SEX dolls has a positive correlation with their height. The price of 165 cm sex dolls is much higher than that of 136 cm dolls. The 140 cm sex doll is the most popular. Unlike children, it avoids being arrested by local police, weighs more than 165 cm and is easier to hold. The most important thing is thrift, with an average of less than $ 1000. Four cups from A to F are available for Bittits and Tittits. life like pleasure dolls
love kit
"silicone Material Speak's TPE and silica gel, both of which are very realistic sex dolls. If you like durable dolls, you can choose silicone dolls. If you want a more real, soft skin like a real woman, don't miss TPE sex dolls. The normal or stand version is about $ 100 higher than the normal version.

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How to Make Sex Dolls More Attractive? You need to know, makeup artist

Sunday, September 23, 2018 2:24:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

Recently, we have received many inquiries about how to make sex dolls more attractive. One of the questions is how do you use makeup to promote the allure of baby face? Sex dolls are always young and her face is beautiful. A natural, untouched face is also impressive. If we know how to make her more feminine and evolutive. This will give you a big feast for your eyes. Makeup is an effective way to make dolls more attractive. But men don't wear makeup. You can follow the following tips when you don't have much time or energy to complete complicated steps. love is dolls
First, the most important thing is to use water-based cosmetics. The skin of the sex doll is very smooth and healthy. So you can skip the concealer. Let's try to make magic sex dolls from now on. Preparation: eyebrow pencil, mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner, blush, lipstick - start gently thrush. Fill the eyebrows with the root of the root tip. - Eye shadow is crucial to the overall makeup. Choose different colors and get different impressions. You can use light or neutral tones. Or you can match dark flashing colors with sexy makeup. Don't forget the black eyeliner, which visually enlarges the doll's eye size. - The pink blush on the doll's cheek looks very youthful and energetic. - Lipstick color should match the entire makeup. If you want a sexy face, you can put on red lipstick for her. If you like warm and lovely makeup, you can choose softer colors. best silicone dolls
For more information about baby makeup, you can contact us directly.

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My first sex doll went shopping online

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 2:27:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

After many times of verification with suppliers, I finally completed the payment of sex dolls online. I think we should be careful. Thank you for your good communication. I just need to wait for the package. inflatable doll adult
Four days later, I found it in the front door. I have never seen and received such a big case before. In fact, it's very heavy. After dragging this big east and west into my room, I felt exhausted. After opening the box, I found that the sex doll was naked and separated its head from its body. It's strange. It's like a corpse. I also found wigs and equipment and other devices. Make sure it is correct in all functions. I intend to clean and disinfect her. Because I can't stand the smell of industrial detergent. realsexdoll
Then I dressed her in navy suits provided by suppliers. I want to buy more clothes for her. On the whole, things will be perfect. I took her to the bed, and the soft and soft body of the sexy doll touched me, unable to bear or endure the ripples of the heart. I bent one of her legs against the headboard. She is not human. Yes, I know this clearly. She is a lifelike sex doll. True enough to cause misunderstanding. I grabbed her hands, soft and warm, because of the warm bath. I think so. The slight contact made me happy. The sex doll looks sweet and kind and has never seen such a delicate face. I think I'll fall in love with her.

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Man - made beauty - talking about sex dolls

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 8:37:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

Plastic surgery has always been a big business in the United States. The development of plastic surgery has brought a new trend to artificial beauty. Even young, healthy and attractive women choose micro-elastic injections to enhance their body image. Although when you embrace the combination of fake and natural, you cannot condemn it. Because even with a straight face, you have to admit that you like beautiful women. When you see a sexy body, it's enough to beat your heart. best adult doll
Some women have done " work" in almost every part of her body. Breast implants or prosthetic devices that make them look like talking sex dolls. Although most men don't like their speeches. This is why more and more men choose to have sex with real-sized sex dolls. A little ironic! Love doll is a perfect product, it has all the qualifications of the ideal woman we want. They have no emotional problems, no period, no pregnancy, no sexually transmitted diseases. They are always available, young and obedient. cheap blow up dolls
There was a time when women claimed that they did not need men to achieve sexual desire because they had enough fake penis and vibrator under their bed to make them feel good. And now sexy sex dolls are the best gift for men to treat themselves well.
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What does a realistic doll mean to mankind?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 6:03:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

Why create realistic sex dolls? Back to the former inflatable doll, it was made of low-cost materials. But it can be customized according to current celebrities. You can easily get a sexual partner and look like the girl you like. Although it is known as a cheap device. Before the real sex doll appeared, it was very popular. love for dolls
There is no doubt that people want to seek sexual relief in a more comfortable way. Just as men are applying for escort, they want the sexiest girl allowed by the budget. If you can make inflatable dolls more realistic? This will be the perfect feeling for real touch. Due to the demand in the current market, some people are trying to make high-quality dolls for better enjoyment. Human beings are not immutable creatures. Their thoughts and thoughts are progressive. When they realized that the relationship between human beings and realistic dolls had improved, they turned to interactive projects. doll love
What does a real sex doll mean to humans? You can't deny that there is a strong correlation between sex and sex dolls. Human beings, especially men, pursue unscrupulous emotions in their sexual life. Realistic sex dolls meet their physiological and psychological needs. Most people find it difficult to establish a real relationship with women or enter a stable state.
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Improve your life through sex dolls

Friday, September 14, 2018 9:14:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

Sex dolls can help humans relieve stress. Our emotional health and physical health are interdependent. When we realize our feelings, thoughts and behaviors, we can cope with the daily pressure and troubles. Physical illness can usually be traced back to poor mental health. The opposite is true. It may harm your health, happiness, performance, relationship and development. Many of us live under pressure and live in some form every day. We rarely take a break and relax in the way we should. Life gets a lot of things from us, whether it's work pressure or family pressure, or physical pressure, such as holding our children and wandering on our computers. In order for us to be responsible for our health, we must know more about our stress and its causes, and how to alleviate the negative impact of stress on our physical and mental health. We can get good health and avoid many diseases due to tension and anxiety. Transferring emotions can relieve stress and anxiety, wakefulness, headache, chronic pain, digestive dysfunction, hypertension, and side effects of cancer treatment. Give yourself a lifelike sex doll. Believe that this is the best one because you get what you want and feel good instead of guilty. It can also help a person improve his self-confidence and make himself happy and happy. You can also develop things you do yourself, including cleaning up sex dolls and getting her up after using or dressing up. Make a long list of everything you want to do and remember your achievements.
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Make lifelike sex dolls your lifelong partner

Thursday, September 13, 2018 7:45:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

Vivid sex dolls are the best partners to spend a good time with you. If you are looking for a submissive girl, she is a better choice for you. If you choose the right person, the time of the private doll may be very satisfactory. You have something special. Have ideal body satisfaction. Many young and mature women will be listed in usexd oll. They are born to serve you and fulfill your wishes. In today's era, there are few long-term relationships, even though there are many choices for girlfriends and boyfriends. Social development has also brought about rapid relationships. More and more dating applications have turned the entire dating experience into a game. As the output of society, sex dolls reflect the change of people's needs. It provides another choice for those in need. The SEX doll is also famous in people's world. It stimulates appearance to fully satisfy your fantasy. It will ensure all the happiness in your life. Adult sex dolls should be praised by everyone. They provide emotional services just to make you happy. There is a great demand for being an adult sexual partner. They look good and make sure everything is provided. To enjoy and enjoy with realistic sex dolls, you must do a lot of hard work in order to maintain your body. You must understand the importance of beauty. A perfect attractive image is needed to attract men's attention. All men are the same. They look for a woman's warm-up curve and enjoy their bodies. It is very important to spend time with you. When you have a chance, shop for your intimate partner. Get a Secret Girlfriend If you want to have a beautiful girlfriend, but you can't get it, there is no need to worry. Usexd Oll loves dolls and is happy to be your girlfriend. All you need to do is visit usexd oll's website. You will have so many beautiful women to choose from. Once you get the right one, submit your contact information. Then confirm the transaction. You can take a beautiful girl no later than 10 days to enjoy the good time with her life.
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Sex dolls help improve men's sexual behavior

Thursday, September 13, 2018 9:44:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Many men worry about their sexual performance in bed. Not to mention those virgins. They learned from porn, but failed without sexual partners. They are looking for opportunities for online dating. But it brings too much risk and trouble to their daily life. Therefore, they focus on Real Sitc sex dolls. adult dolls
Do you know that sexual activity helps keep it tight and lasting? Whether it's a flexible body or a soft finger, even a lifelike sexual organ. Sex dolls leave a real impression. Regular exercise can strengthen your penis. If you don't last as long as you want in bed, sex dolls will be the best way to have sex. Do you like keeping your penis at its best? One of the ways to improve penile performance is sexual behavior. The lifelike vaginal texture inside can increase your blood flow and take you to the real sex paradise. Do you want to keep sex in bed at any time? Beautiful sex dolls always suit you. She was not pregnant, during which she was in a bad mood. This is also a miracle to increase your sexual desire. love is dolls
You know not all women will help your taste. But sex dolls can satisfy all your illusions about vision and feeling. As a sex doll lover, you are not alone. If you have any questions about dolls, you can leave a message.
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Try all the sexual fantasies you want with a sex doll

Thursday, September 6, 2018 2:31:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

Taboo or not, sexual pleasure is what people really want to pursue. You may feel very happy and comfortable with your partner, but you also have a vivid fantasy life, eager to put them into practice. But your partner didn't allow them. Most people choose to live like sex dolls to express their fantasies. Because their lives are like physical characters, people want to try all their fantasies about sex dolls, just like real sex. Here are a few sex fantasy doll owners to try. Celebrities who have sex with celebrities are so hot and sexy. You must dream of having long-term sexual intercourse with a popular star. It is not difficult to do this. All sex dolls are made according to national beauties. They have beautiful and perfect proportions. They will make you intoxicated with anyone you really know. If you are good at makeup, then you can enjoy the magic time. Play If you want to keep your sex life, try role playing. It will never be boring. You can bring a lot of fun to sex through different roles. Professor, student, civil servant, nurse. Wow, you can make the best use of sex dolls. COSPLAY chooses the characters you like from anime characters or other things. Dress up your sex doll in special clothes. There was a drama " Beautiful Rescue. Dominating." Most men want to dominate their partners in the bedroom. Sexy sex dolls are submissive partners. You can have super fun in controlling sexual behavior. Anal sex is influenced by cultural taboos. Few women will accept anal sex. But you can finish it on a sex doll. Life like a sex doll has human-like sexual organs, including oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex. One of the benefits of having sex with a sex doll is that you don't have to assume other people's judgment. It does not violate the ethics and beliefs in real life. Rape Humanan has a dark side of himself and will appear in private. This will be an interesting way to become a villain. No matter what your fantasy is - land, it doesn't intersect with your real world unless you want to choose more.
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What does his partner really need

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 6:16:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

Ten years ago, he broke up with his wife to deal with various economic problems. Many family problems caused by income inequality will bring risks to marriage, especially the wife's income is higher than her husband's. However, the man did not deteriorate after the divorce. He has a new girlfriend. She is a human-sized sex doll. The lovely girl spent him about 2800 dollars. " That was my first girl. She was not alive, but I was satisfied with her." The man told us happily. love for dolls
In the next few years, the man has raised three dolls. For him, these girls can comfort him and comfort him when necessary. " In my last failed marriage, I felt embarrassed and miserable when I was at a loss to solve the huge daily expenses. My ex-wife is a big fan of luxury brands. I realized I couldn't afford all this. " Men admit to us." But after that, I found out that the sex doll is an ideal partner. She has no vanity and I can save too much living expenses. Her. What I need is a partner who gives understanding and support. I think the sex doll is what I want. " For men seeking a free life, it seems more valuable to live with love dolls.
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How to insert a movable vagina into your sex doll?

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 1:02:36 AM America/Los_Angeles

When you are looking for a sex doll, you may wonder what kind of vagina your sex doll is. Insert vagina or removable vagina? ? ? ? This thorny issue deserves your reflection. Senior doll owners must know how difficult it is to clean the vagina. Now you don't need to be angry. The movable vagina has the advantage of easy insertion and removal. Then you will clean it up without any worries. How to insert a detachable vagina for your sex doll? For cleanliness and safety, please put on a pair of gloves. 1. Separate the legs of the sex doll and see the vagina clearly; Sprinkle the vaginal part of the sex doll with talcum powder and the vaginal canal 3 to insert the vaginal part into the vaginal canal. For more removable vaginal dolls, you can find Usexd Oll on the link below. Click on it: a removable vaginal doll
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The failure of Toronto's sex doll brothel really made people think

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 12:00:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

The sex doll brothel scheduled to open on September 8 in Nato Square faces obstacles in the process. Business owners claim that sex doll brothels are a place to enjoy sex without any restrictions. Whether single or married, love dolls will provide the ultimate sexual experience. Although it was suspended in the last step. There are several reasons that should be analyzed. silicone real doll
Start with incorrect location selection. Business owners have identified the commercial address of NATO Square. A busy residential street near four primary schools is not allowed to open adult entertainment places according to the law. Second, there is a lack of business license. Due to public pressure, the local government has not yet issued a permit for this type of adult entertainment. silicone adult dolls
Third, where there is no business. After the news spread on social media, it was attacked by local citizens. As a result, the owners quickly terminated their leases. Without public support, enterprises cannot proceed. Perhaps there is still a long way to go to buy sex dolls online. After all, the transaction is cautious and will not be exposed to the public.

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Realistic sex doll online shopping

Monday, September 3, 2018 1:10:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

All kinds of adult toys are really appreciated by this planet because they can still be used as romance in love birds's mind. Of the plenty of sexy toys, those that are { most effective } and most effective should choose to avoid any health-related hazards and create positive things to provide the greatest fun and pleasure. Although the inflated sex doll is out of date. It may not be exaggeration to say that the recent lifelike sex dolls are the most important idols and the most popular mercantilist products in the field of adult transfer. Finding these horny dolls by entering physical stores is a very good result. You don't know the World Health Organization. You may find that you just realize this, and some people who move to these stores will make you feel uncomfortable. Today, online stores offer several options while still providing privacy for your search. The comfort of your home. Customers can get enough freedom to choose these toys through the Internet. There are no wonderful sex dolls in the market. All that needs to be tried and done is to find the right one to create an extra happy personal moment. You'll be able to browse higher to the web and the most effective looking sex doll may be best for you and rejuvenate your sex to the greatest extent. Some signals or couples may need to struggle to buy low-cost dolls because they worry that the standard will not be as good as they see in another place. However, this is not basically true, because the miracle of commercialized products online is that retailers can offer higher evaluations than physical stores because their workers' management costs, rents and different costs are quite low. In addition, some of these stores will do a lot of sales in terms of sales, so bulk shopping saves them a lot of cash. In addition, the net seller can ship an obvious blank carton without any sign for your privacy guarantee. Even the delivery man won & # 39; Admit what you have ordered or where you ordered it. You don't have to be forced to worry about being judged by others. Realistic sex dolls come in various heights and cups. Their real organic structure is made of ultra-thick silica gel or TPE material, and the metal skeleton supports the whole body. The cleaning and softening of skin by realistic sex dolls is not so complicated. It provides an important magic power to provide pornography to users. They will turn sexual contact into an unforgettable life experience. All sex dolls are specially created to stimulate the inner feeling. No one seems to refuse these beautiful sex dolls. Vivid sex dolls will change the rare feeling that users enjoy and greatly promote sex life. They have gained a prominent position and can absorb extra pleasure in the couple.
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What is the best time to get a love doll?

Sunday, September 2, 2018 2:30:10 PM America/Los_Angeles

When you consider it as a necessary commodity, I have to say that it is a good idea to get a doll. Some people bought it out of curiosity. They put the sex doll aside until they discovered its advantages. Then they are unlikely to make full use of sex dolls. For those who have just broken up, they need a sex doll to tide over the difficulties. A beautiful girl and time are the best treatment for disappointed lovers. A man who likes to explore new gender poses will use a sex doll to get an unexpected experience. adult dolls
Treat yourself with ideal sex dolls. Do you want to find out all the functions and enjoy sex dolls? Feeling overwhelming. You can try your best to have a dream sex test. Yes, you should get a real sex doll. You won't have any trouble, but the ultimate entertainment and excitement. strap on
How much profit will sex dolls bring to you? Do you want better sex performance? Human - sized sex dolls will be the best practice partners. You can expect good results. The real experience is impressive. Well, you can see the possibility of creating a private lover.
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Sex dolls and my first sexual experience

Saturday, September 1, 2018 12:11:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

I am a nerd. I look like a strange fool at school. I didn't date anyone before I left university to go to the world. Due to the lack of social interaction, I have few friends. Due to the lack of social interaction, I have few friends. I know how to masturbate, but I always struggle to masturbate. This is a little strange. I don't even like to masturbate with my hands. I always feel a little unnatural. I don't think I have any choice. Suddenly, when I met my new neighbor, a man looked very smart. He told me that his family has a lot of amazing collections. One day, I accepted his invitation to eat at home. I happened to find a big box near the wardrobe. My neighbor seems to be interested in this. After dinner, he told me about his secret room, including a naked woman and a doll. I don't think she is a sex doll because all the functions displayed are the same as the real woman I see in everyday life. However, my neighbor was happy to talk about his lovely girl. Finally, I think I need to buy one. sexy real sex dolls
My neighbor recommended a reliable sex doll supplier. I finally bought a real-life sex doll with built-in comforters and vibrators in its mouth, anus and vagina. Thanks for not letting me wait too long. The baby's breasts are lifelike and real, and she is also very flexible. When I used her as my first hump, it lasted more than an hour, and the earth shook my climax and made me want to jump into the second round immediately. This is an investment I don't regret. The best part is that I heard that I wanted to use this doll without nagging or losing my temper. Her skin made of the best materials is characterized by soft and warm touch. It's worth it. You can calculate how much it can help you save. You don't have to go to bars and bars or endlessly wait for a chicken on the Internet for a night. Moreover, you don't have to spend money on dates or escorts, sometimes making your credit card run out of remaining restrictions. A one-time investment is worth every penny you put into it. Then, the sexy sex doll will become your slave and give in to every request you make. She will never get tired of what you want to do with her, and even after the first round, she will be ready to separate her legs. Life like a sex doll has always been an important part of my life. It gave me the best experience ever.

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Why do adult sex toys develop rapidly?

Friday, August 31, 2018 1:09:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

The growing LGBT community is one of the main factors driving the growth of the adult sex toy market. LGBT group, which refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, is an important part of the total population in developed countries. At the same time, they are the majority of adult users. The LGBT community is supported by international mainstream news. What's more, some governments have put forward many measures to improve LGBT sexual health. The innovative shopping experience of sex toy e - commerce. SEX toys have a public stereotype of vulgarity. Society does not advocate the sale and purchase of such products in public. Some reliable suppliers have updated their product display methods, which are less likely to prevent malicious acts. When shipping the package, the supplier will not write down the product brand and description on the packing box, nor will it write down on the waybill. This method makes consumers feel safer and more comfortable. Therefore, careful packaging of adult sex toys such as vibrators enhances consumer confidence. Geographically, the United States and Europe have virtually occupied the mass market share and steadily increased sex toys. The growing Asia - Pacific market has also become a major force in the global adult sex toys. More and more consumers from China, India, Japan and Singapore have liberated themselves from the old ideas and accepted the use of sex toys. Adult sex toys have become common and people have a lot of disposable income. They can freely get what they want through the Internet. All these have promoted the growth of the sex toy market.
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Make your sex life better by masturbating regularly

Thursday, August 30, 2018 9:17:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

Nowadays, with the increase of financial pressure, divorce, stress and masturbation may be the best choice to change your feeling. Many men are addicted to pornography, orgasm and masturbation. Self - happiness is natural. Although most people don't talk about it. Human shame, guilt and regret surround the process of self - happiness. In fact, self-pleasure is a safe way of sexual intercourse without a partner. Don't worry about sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. You don't have to wait for others to come home, even to be present. Masturbation is a way to know what you like. You can enjoy yourself. When one or both parties suffer from disease or physical challenges, masturbation may be the only way to achieve sexual pleasure. There is nothing wrong with masturbation or self - pleasure. For those who are alone or between partners, self-pleasure is a way to keep hormones under control. If you are in a relationship rather than being happy, your hormone level will drop. According to usexd oll, find the best solace for you. Do you want to shoot a life-size sex doll or sex toy?
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Why do the sales of sex dolls remain high?

Thursday, August 30, 2018 6:35:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

I think for those who are looking for a partner, for some reason they don't have a partner, the real doll will be very interesting. It seems that you will eventually be released. pleasure toys
How do you treat your best female partner to make people better in their sex life? Vivid sex dolls are a way to make a difference. The single man found a partner and when they agreed, the couple would add spice to their sex life. I think that's why real doll sales are at a high level. If the society is not biased, everyone will not refuse the real doll. They are the pursuit of beauty and the desire for a better life for mankind. In real life, the outside of a sex doll looks better than a real woman. If the real doll stands in the crowd, then humans will hardly point out who is real and who is real. real life adult dolls
Most of the time, a sex doll is like a listener. This is what you really need. If you have trouble or annoyance, tell her that she will ensure safety without telling others. What do you think of such an impressive sex doll? You can find more information on
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A novice to reality dolls? Find out the tips that best suit your sex doll

Thursday, August 30, 2018 12:15:03 AM America/Los_Angeles

realistic sec doll
Well, if you're going to take a sex doll home but are not familiar with it, you can continue with the following tips. It will tell you how to find the best one for you. This is the ultimate filter to find the most suitable sex doll for you. 1 silicone doll or TPE doll? Most people are confused about these two materials. According to the photos, you don't know which is TPE, which is silica gel or other inferior materials. Some cunning suppliers use this loophole to mislead consumers to play marginal ball. There is no specific material specification. Don't choose dolls. Back to the two commonly used materials, silica gel and TPE are both soft materials. Silicone resin has the advantages of temperature resistance and easy cleaning. TPE dolls are more flexible and flexible. If you are looking for a natural feeling, you can choose TPE sex dolls. If you like durability, please buy a silicone doll. By the way, TPE sex dolls are much cheaper than silicone dolls. 2 Height and Weight Why do I list this feature option in the second position? Unlike inflatable dolls, lifelike sex dolls are physical models whose weight is close to that of real women. For example, a 155 cm TPE doll is almost 82 pounds. Please consider whether you can lift a heavy doll easily. The higher, the heavier. Skin Color Nature, Tan, Black, Wheat, do you like the colors of sex dolls? 3 Additional Features Configurable Doll or Normal, Built - in Vagina or Removable Vagina. Other preferences we respect everyone's preferences. Flat breasts, large breasts, large hips, thick lips, pockmarked faces, teeth or no teeth, eye-closing dolls or ordinary types. Some people also consider storage space. If you have problems with the selective doll, please leave your comments and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
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You can't deny the benefits of sex dolls

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 1:05:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

Today, the rise of artificial intelligence makes it possible to have interactive partners. You may interrupt me because this is not new news. Many years ago, it appeared a series of robots. They can do some housework. Take it easy, man. Here, I'm not talking about robots. I mean, sex doll robots. This is by far the most real sexual partner. They are developed into the best life partners to satisfy human sexuality. xxx store
Over the years, real sex doll technology has changed dramatically. Their skin and flesh are soft and can also be heated by heating pipes. The sex doll robot you embrace is no longer cold metal. The latest sex doll robots have been programmed to express feelings. When they feel you are not gentle, they will ask to stop. Sex doll robots are so lifelike and beautiful. They are also used as clothing models in shopping malls. Everyone was surprised and impressed by them. They are regarded as real fashion models. sx dolls
Some people deny that sex dolls bring all the benefits to mankind. They define sex dolls as creepy, abnormal, and a form of discrimination against women. Although the idea of a sex doll comes from a mythical myth, not a lewd event. A skilled sculptor carves her best work, a beautiful woman, and he will undoubtedly fall in love with this beautiful woman. And he prayed that she would live and live happily in their lives. Now, sex dolls can be purchased in a large number of sex toy stores. If your neighbor knows, you can also get it online.

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Unhappy relationships are killing your sex life

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 3:32:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

The negative emotions of female partners always make men feel at a loss. Unlike women who cry or cry, men usually pretend to be more confident and hope to pass through them. But reality cannot go according to your wishes. Finally, the man will not cooperate with the female partner. Women become more angry, which is the direction of these things. The cycle will restart. When new relationships begin, couples always provide unqualified support and dependence. But it won't last long. They will find disappointment to some extent. This woman has little desire for men, and men realize the uncertainty of the future. After the trust was broken, the relationship could hardly be repaired. Although they are still physically attracted to each other, female partners are uneasy about trivial matters and often complain about one or the other. After a long working day, the man was tired of listening to her complaints. How was your sex life? In that case, when a man tries to initiate sexual activity, there may be some invisible force to stop him. He must turn it off. Therefore, sexual desire cannot be released. " That's why I brought sex dolls into my family." Mr Leff said, " I don't want to go that far in an unpleasant way. I tried to understand what she meant in her mind, which may be the difference between the sexes. " Mr. Luff got up and went to the lifelike sex doll. " This girl," he said, holding the doll, " she came at the right time. My wife thought I was crazy. Well, I have to admit that I have considered it to stimulate harmony with the atmosphere. Nothing is worse than the family atmosphere of that time, " He smiled." Fortunately, this personality doll seems to have attracted all my wife's attention, since she first asked how to put it in the closet. I'm glad to see my wife on her first date. “
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Good or bad, you should reconsider sex dolls

Sunday, August 26, 2018 12:19:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

Out of curiosity or automatic habits, we focus on people's expression when they see and talk about unknown things. Real sex dolls are one of our tracking themes. We found that many people avoided and refused to imagine sex dolls as part of the development of human civilization. silicone sec doll
When real sex dolls stir up unrest on social media, most people will judge sex dolls through cruel comments. This is called stress response in psychology. They are talking about the possibility of loving dolls replacing human beings in decades. It seems everyone is an expert or professor of anthropology. They maintain their opinions as if they were on the side of reason, justice, victory and control. # # # " What lonely guys expect is a real feeling of intimacy and interaction. No matter how real the sex doll is, it is fake. " Well, what encouragement do you have? Prostitution or rape? For men who do not have stable girls, they try to find a solution to enjoy their sex life without offending others. It should be a legal way to balance personal needs with social needs through the use of sex dolls.
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In the face of silicone dolls and TPE dolls, which one would you choose?

Saturday, August 25, 2018 10:35:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you are considering buying a sex doll, but you don't know how to choose the right doll. I think this article will help you understand it. male blow up doll
Affected by social problems, more and more people have the ability to take care of their own lives. Many of them chose to be single. But they must also address their physical needs and desires. Then real sex dolls became well known and popular. Although the cost is too high for many organizations. With the discovery of TPE materials, this is equivalent to silica gel, but the cost is much lower. And the price of real sex dolls has dropped accordingly. Today, you can bring a real sex doll home for only 1000 dollars. life like latex dolls
Some people must ask why TPE and silicone dolls have different prices. Are silicone dolls better than TPE dolls? Not exactly. Before the advent of TPE materials, high-quality authentic dolls were only made of silica gel. This is a rare resource when demand expands. Now, you can also find that the price of silicone dolls is not as high as before. Whether it's a silicone doll or a TPE doll, it will be great if you get a doll that meets your favorite function and proportion.

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Why do so many people want to visit sex doll brothels?

Friday, August 24, 2018 8:55:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

In the last two years, the business of sex doll brothels has risen worldwide. According to statistics, married men have become the main consumers. Unlike illegal prostitutes, sex doll brothels have received government subsidies and have business certificates. These people are involved in a lot of contradictions. They found that although they had a stable relationship, they had endless emptiness and could not be satisfied. real looking adult dolls
When asked about buying a sex doll, the man said, " A sex doll is like an ideal partner to choose B. She is beautiful and interesting. This is a beautiful fantasy. She likes me. She understands me. She won't leave me. I don't need to rack my brains to satisfy her. " # # # He shakes with a smile," What if the law forbids sex dolls? If approved, I will lose too much fun. " The new law to be introduced will make it illegal for citizens to import and sell sex dolls. Supporters of sex dolls protested that it was unfair to stop sex doll trading. This is an objection to human rights. What do you think? Leave your comments below.
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Why is life like a sex doll so expensive?

Friday, August 24, 2018 8:23:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

How do you define a life like a sex doll? Incredibly sexy? Seduction? Gorgeous? Reality? The glorious girl is here. Beautiful face, perfect height, big breasts and hips. You can have such a partner instead of just peeking at all the advantages. Judging from their human appearance, body and face, you can't believe they are just lifeless sex dolls. High simulation technology makes you feel like living with real people. Why is life so lifelike like a sex doll? Based on the human body structure, manufacturers have created human-sized sex dolls. Integrated body mould. Well - known materials such as TPE and silicone are accepted by the public. The prepared TPE solution was poured into a phantom. These two materials make the sex doll soft and elastic after freezing and demoulding. When you squeeze the surface, it feels like a real woman's skin. Super real sex organs. Sexy dolls have three organs, vagina, mouth and anus. Each organ has its own unique realistic design, allowing people to enjoy almost real sex. Large breasts and buttocks are usually prone to male sexual desire. Thick and soft TPE breasts and buttocks bring you extreme pleasure. When you play with it, the big breasts and hips will tremble with your strength. More details about the eyeball, eyelashes, nipples and skin color have been well repaired. The big makeup technique will add color to the sex doll.
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Why are so many people asking for sex dolls?

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 7:48:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

In view of the recent controversy over children's sex dolls, we are discussing mini adult sex dolls here. When people become horny and there are no girls nearby, he will look for life like a sex doll to get some comfort. inflatable doll price
Sexy sex dolls are created according to the proportion of people. It has a perfect contour design and a beautiful face. It is difficult for people not to see its sexy body. The materials used in molding are very realistic. When you clap your big chest, it will tremble accordingly. Surprisingly, it has three items: anus, vagina and mouth. What kind of special mode can satisfy your numerous sexual fantasies? It can be used as a real sexual partner. silicone adult dolls
In addition, you are free to adjust her joints. Get more poses and find more fun as you like. Realistic sex dolls are really amazing. When you indulge yourself and catch his big ass at the same time, you can have incredible happiness in heaven. real swx doll
In a word, the life of a sex doll is much better than you think. If you want to masturbate from now on, then find a life like a sex doll. You won't regret it.
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The greatest benefit of carrying sex dolls in your life

Monday, August 20, 2018 2:00:38 AM America/Los_Angeles

In some cases, you can't enjoy sex while your spouse is away or in the meantime. You often fantasize about finding a new field by trying to learn more about sexual posturing. In the absence of any dishonest response, you should treat yourself as an extra lover as a reward. You can have all this after carrying sexy sex dolls. Continue to move forward and raise the stimulus to a new level. When we talk about sex dolls, most people come out to play with inflatable toys. Among them is an interesting open mouth and seamless plastic skin. Over the past few decades, technologically advanced, life-size sex dolls have been upgraded to a fairly realistic state. In addition, AI sex robots have always been a hot topic. It is worth buying affordable sex dolls to save unnecessary money for all kinds of substandard toys. USEXD OLL is a high-quality merchant with a first-hand product supply. They provide top-grade high-quality but extremely low-priced TPE dolls. Usexd Oll covers a complete range of prices, from affordable cute dolls to luxury dolls. If you are not sure about the doll, usexd oll's service team is here to help you choose the most suitable one. Because usexd oll gives you advice on sex dolls, you can learn more popular sex dolls. If you have sex with a sexy doll, you can enter any sex place you dream of, from famous missionaries to some wild and exciting back door actions. Easy to clean and take care of. If the sex doll has a detachable vagina, the cleaning speed will be faster. Just use warm soapy water or antibacterial toy cleanser to clean the vaginal cavity near the doll's opening. Usexd Oll has developed a higher quality sex doll. The first responsibility to satisfy customers is to be satisfied with the standards and our assistance services.
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Make your fantasy a reality through a sex doll

Sunday, August 19, 2018 8:56:58 PM America/Los_Angeles

Finding the right girl is not always that simple. Not all girls will satisfy you, especially in new relationships. But if you are looking for a dream sexual exploration, then you will satisfy your sexual desire and interest. On a boring weekend, a submissive training partner is no better than a happy sexy doll. There must be a lot of jobs that can open you up. This happens between you and your sex doll. No one is at risk of being hurt. If it goes against the wishes of others, you will not kink. There is no doubt that it is safe. my silicone doll
Making those old-fashioned sex jobs may seem boring to you. Why not make full use of the space at home? You don't have to have romantic arrangements, nor do you have the feelings of learning partners. The only thing you can do is take the time to understand the new creative points of sexual arousal. Try to find inspiration online, and the adult forum may be a good place for you. pleasure toys
Tips for Improving Sexual Experience In order to increase the comfort of penetration, it is best to start with a lubricated penis and insert it gently and slowly. Oily lubricants can break down TPE dolls. You must use water-based lubricants. After every game, it gets hot and sweaty. Your sweat must flow to life like a sex doll, and you also need to clean the sperm residues in the sex doll. So be sure to wash thoroughly until there is no more sexy dirt. Otherwise, you must fight for bacteria in the next game.

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What is the difference between TPE sex dolls and inferior sex dolls?

Sunday, August 19, 2018 1:51:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

Human - sized sex dolls have become so popular because they look very lifelike. You can imagine how expensive the process is. Nowadays, many people, especially the younger generation, are shopping online. They are browsing through beautiful photos of products and finally decide on cheaper photos. They think they have saved too much. Although when they opened the package, they found it was a poor-quality doll. So how do you verify whether it is TPE or fake? silicone adult dolls
TPE sex doll is genuine, it has a certain weight, it has beautiful and lifelike flesh, and it has elasticity. You can fiddle with its joints and bend its fingers and toes. The work of inferior sex dolls is very rough. It is completely different from TPE doll in appearance, technology and function. man real doll
TPE sex dolls impress you with realistic images. It has the ability to keep shape. At first glance, you will think it is a real human being. Although the inferior doll looks distorted, many details do not work well. You can give it a pinch. TPE dolls are soft and elastic. The touch feels real. You can't stand it. But inferior sex dolls feel difficult, and you may lose interest from the start.

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Buying sex dolls online can be fun in a feasible way

Sunday, August 19, 2018 7:27:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

Online shopping is very attractive. Especially for sex dolls, you can check dozens of doll suppliers and select your favorite sex doll from hundreds of options. Then it helps shorten the selection time. There is another advantage, when you are tired of seeing the same appearance, you can change the sex doll head. Give it a try. inflatable silicone doll
Dreamlike sex dolls enjoy a high reputation in real life. lifelike sex dolls will not deceive you, lie or go mad. You can enjoy it at your own pace. Those things that are similar to those of natural women are impressive. More importantly, if you like, they will design a huge breast and a big ass. When she wears sexy underwear, I can feel her happy. At first, I was told it was shameful to hold a sex doll. But now I am not affected by these judgments. I want to use a sex doll as a memory. Facts tell us that this is a very good experience. real life inflatable dolls
Many people want to buy a lifelike sex doll but stop at a high price. Dealers buy dolls from manufacturers at the first applicable price. Then it will increase labor costs, freight and storage costs. Retailers will also increase the cost of labor, freight and store rentals. Therefore, the best way to get a sex doll is to buy it directly from the manufacturer. Today, manufacturers can provide a single piece of goods through the e-commerce network. USEXD OLL is one of the most reliable suppliers. We adhere to the principle of maximizing consumers. Then you can get a high-quality but low-priced sex doll. For more information, please visit
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Guide for Beginners of Store Sex Dolls

Sunday, August 19, 2018 3:50:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

Maybe you don't know how to choose the most suitable love doll for you. There are so many shops, so many choices, and so many discounts! However, if you are reading this guide, it may be very simple. This guide is applicable to people who have never had or limited knowledge of sex dolls, and may be very difficult to accept. It will help you get the right direction. Get ready for your shopping trip. ivibe rabbit
The first thing you need to know is that in a highly competitive environment, the phrase " no good goods are cheap" is not entirely correct. Some suppliers receive daily discounts throughout the year. Promotional advertisements are always dizzying. Knowing your budget clearly can point out the important direction of continuing shopping. Common or custom-made common dolls can be purchased in many stores. Due to mass production, they are much cheaper than custom types. Their physical characteristics are designed as default settings. Customized dolls can provide personalization. Consumers have more alternative functions and accessories. They can specify body shape, chest cup, eye color, wig style or color, etc. Because it spends more time and energy, its price is higher and its delivery time is longer than that of ordinary types. waterproof rabbit
TPE or Silicon There is no obvious difference from appearance. They all constitute the physical reality. Although from the material specification, to be clear, if you are looking for a more realistic feeling, then choose TPE sex dolls. If you want to reduce maintenance in future use, use a silicone doll. By the way, TPE sex dolls are cheaper than silicone. Female / male / hermaphrodite is still the mainstream in the current adult market. For other niche markets, male sex dolls and even bisexual versions are gradually appearing. It is worth mentioning that the female sex doll has been developed into a detachable vaginal version, which means that if you bought a female sex doll before, you don't need to buy another bisexual doll, just assemble a fake penis. swx doll
Normal or Standing This allows them to keep the body of the sex doll by definition, but normal requires other support. From the appearance, the supportable type has 3 visible metal stitches at each foot. The normal one has nothing. It's cheaper than the standing one. Built - in or Removable Vagina For Removable Vagina, we have already mentioned above. It can be freely installed and disassembled for easy cleaning. And the built-in vagina is molded with the whole body, which is more realistic but difficult to wash. The removable vaginal doll is much more expensive than the built-in vaginal version. We have checked all human-sized sex dolls. And we also listed the monthly list as the most valuable choice, the best style and the fairest price doll. Learn about the latest discounts for returning to the home page.

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Developmental doll industry and disputes

Friday, August 17, 2018 4:00:48 AM America/Los_Angeles

The theme of lifelike sex dolls continues to ferment. I feel bored to respond to these things. Obviously, gender differences occupy some parts. When evaluating sex dolls, men and women have various considerations. Men say that the sex doll is a humanized design, but women pretend to oppose it and insist that it is too erotic. I think this is caused by the naked advertisement announcement of the supplier. adult dolls
After coming out of the first sex doll, it is defined as a physical body the size of a human body, especially its head, which can be regarded as a real human head. When humans combine vision and realism, it is a human-sized sex doll. Increasingly, suppliers are using sex dolls as real prostitutes in public advertisements. Now, more and more shapes and faces have been developed. Everyone has different tastes. Some people like sexy sex dolls, but some people like flat bodies, while others like designated personalities. silicone adult dolls
Most people have some higher requirements. First of all, the sex doll can be adjusted to many postures through bendable joints. After that, it can be achieved through brief communication. Now, sex dolls can save your preference information and important days in your life. What qualifications do you think a sex doll should have? Leave your opinion.
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Eight Key Steps in Making Love Dolls

Thursday, August 16, 2018 10:57:53 PM America/Los_Angeles

ANME show will be held from January 8 to 9, 2018 at Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles Airport, Southern California. In last summer's program, you must remember incredible lifelike dolls. They are creepy but lifelike. We all know that most sex toys, including sex dolls, are made of silica gel and have a durable effect. Generally speaking, a sex doll is a handicraft. Most buyers are interested in its working procedures. Here we want to talk about it. Manually create the doll's skeleton. They use light metal to make doll poses. The sculptor made details of the doll, from the hand to the genitals. Pour the liquid silicone into the template. Once the liquid cools, remove the doll from the template. They use heat treatment to make the doll smooth and shiny. Everything was done by hand. They check every inch of doll or flaw. Then they began to wash the doll. Hand - made makeup for love dolls and false eyelashes. After that, they attached wigs and clothes. The doll was packed and shipped out. #### #### ####
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Sex toys you must know better masturbation

Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:19:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

There is a large amount of investigation and data to verify that the use of sex toys will contribute to physical and emotional human health. It also helps improve sexual ability and makes people feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. If you are a new player, you will find it brings more sexual pleasure and more efficient masturbation. Even if you are an experienced sex expert, it also provides you with an extra surprise for a new climax. It is not a shame to use sex toys to eliminate it. For those who want to try new pleasures to achieve a comfortable orgasm, consider the following sex toys. Vibrator If you feel your libido is higher than low or high, then vibrators may help encourage or reduce your arousal. You will use controllable stimulation to achieve orgasm. At the same time, it is an effective way to explore a pleasant sensation and fantasy. lifelike female dolls
Masturbation Cup This is made of " fleshy" material TPE. You can heat it with warm water. It feels like a real vagina. Of course, you can risk putting it in frozen ice. I believe you will like this difference and unusual freshness. swx doll
lifelike molded masturbation senior critics estimate it is the most worth investing in. It is made of extremely realistic TPE material. It imitates the real woman's body parts and adjusts the intimate natural feeling. Especially the molded buttocks, you can enjoy the two channels of vaginal and anal sex. The inner texture brings realistic tight friction and drag effects to people. life size adult dolls
Sexy dolls are known for their luxurious designs in sex toys. Love dolls use realistic TPE materials and are designed according to the proportion of women's bodies. From head to foot, it is like a real woman seen from a distance. It has three channels covering the mouth, vagina and anus. People like it as a loyal partner. Besides the real sex experience, it also provides comfortable company.
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Good - natured doll simulating authentic experience

Thursday, August 16, 2018 4:17:19 PM America/Los_Angeles

Great sex life is not a boring thing, and exploring unique sex life will be more interesting. When we talk about sex, men will be proud to know how to flirt. Once they find a new area of sex, they will feel good. Do you realize that there are still many unknown things to explore? You must know that some sex toys will not only help you improve your sexual skills, but also help your sexual relationship. Yes, this is the sex doll we are talking about below. Please continue reading. toys in babeland
Everyone expects their partner to enjoy sex and be happy every time. Then how to implement it. No one likes to receive negative responses in bed. It directly causes sexual desire to cool down and disappear. Every woman has her orgasm in a different way. That's why we say every woman has her own characteristics. For those single men, lifelike sex dolls will be tested. They will not accept any complaints to break their confidence. Try to imagine if you can control your sex life very skillfully and take care of sex dolls, then is there any difficulty in facing a real woman? life size adult dolls
In your game, sex dolls like lubricating oil, a sexy lingerie or cosplay costume will make the experience more interesting. Sex dolls differ from other sex toys in their unique sexual experience. Well done! For more information about sex dolls, you can comment on usexd oll. com.
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Best male masturbator: When your partner is unavailable

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 10:10:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

Men masturbate a lot. This is why sex toy manufacturers always update more humanized toys in the market. Looking for the best male masturbator? Masturbation is the process of stimulating the sexual arousal or excitement of one's genitals until it reaches full climax. This is usually done by touching, touching or rubbing the penis. It may involve toys such as hands, fingers, everyday objects, gender vibrators, or a combination of these toys. Sex dolls in the adult field are very popular. There is no doubt that realistic female sex dolls feel great. The human sex doll body is actually an unrecognizable sex toy. It gives you an emotional caress and a decent love. You won't miss all the happiness. Sex doll is the appearance and size of human body imitation, which increases visual enjoyment. The lifelike sex doll is ergonomically constructed. Vaginal channels can also enhance the most appropriate part of the penis to enhance pleasure. Having a sexy sex doll must be the hottest, because it gives you the feeling of a real cat, because you use it. The material used to make this masturbator is TPE. It is very suitable for single person and triple person. It passes through anus, mouth and vagina, and makes your erection resonate with extraordinary resonance due to its lifelike organs. You can now use the best male sex toys to improve masturbation experience. Learn more about the depth of the sex doll and take her to heaven on a dreamy eve.
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What are the 3 skills you need to know before buying a love doll?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 1:24:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

If you have enough money to pay for the love doll, do you think it is perfect? There are some problems in caring for more courage. Here are three tips for your reference. Do you live with your family or alone? If you live alone, you have nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it is important to persuade your family to accept your love doll. Otherwise, no matter your family's opposition, you will hurt your relationship. You're going to buy a sex doll to improve your life, not destroy it. If you fail, you'd better give up as soon as possible. Do you have enough space to use or store love dolls? Generally speaking, lifelike sex dolls can be selected to be between 136 cm and 165 cm in height. The metal skeleton in the main joint supports it, so the sex doll cannot stand for a long time. I'm sorry, you want to hold her in bed? The dust on the bed easily adheres to the image on the surface of the silicone doll, such as cloth, quilt and sebum fiber. It's terrible. You will undoubtedly belittle it in a few days. Therefore, you'd better wrap it in a plastic bag or cover and put it somewhere. Storage is like a big problem you have to solve. Are you willing to take care of sex dolls for a fixed period of time? Keeping love dolls is no easier than pets. You need to clean skin stickiness and powder with baby powder to keep dry and fresh. Competitions, wigs and clothes are on your list unless you want to be an unfettered nun. If the above mention does not scare you, you can buy a lovely sex doll through #### #### ####
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The Relationship between Sex Doll Robot and Human in the Near Future?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 9:25:11 AM America/Los_Angeles

Due to in vitro fertilization and similar medical advances, sexual intercourse is not necessary for fertility. When people realize that sex dolls will be an optional object to satisfy human sexuality, life such as sex dolls has always been a hotly debated topic. The game has been going on. At some point in time between two opposing views of life in sexual life. One way is to avoid mass production of life like sex dolls. It will reduce interpersonal relationships and strengthen the view that women are sexual objects. With the advent of the robot age, robots can help and assist human beings to perform dangerous and difficult tasks. In some cases, robots have completely replaced skilled humans. The sex doll brothel that appeared a few months ago will definitely affect the sex worker market. Some people even fear that humans will be completely taken over by robots in the near future. Another way of thinking that life is like a sex doll is just an object to improve human life. It is so foolish for old ideas not to accept new products. They cannot stop human progress and development. It is not surprising that some people will replace interpersonal contact or even sexual relations with sexual doll contact. In order to meet this need, it is because these dolls can simulate realistic features that look and feel like a real person. Sun dolls will surely become more common in society and our society. E and availability will increase in the next few years. Sex doll robots will certainly become an increasingly important part of everyday life.
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Personality dolls have the ability to raise your sex life to a new level

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 5:17:04 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you want less fighting, more hot sex and the greatest happiness, then you can turn your dreams into reality. Men's adult sex dolls may suit you. They are made of revolutionary new materials, making them more realistic and much cheaper than traditional luxurious silicone dolls. They are equipped with internal skeletons and are completely flexible, which means you can put them anywhere you want, and they will allow you to fuck their sweet ass and donkey as much as possible. Adult sex dolls allow you to experiment, solve sexual problems and enjoy a lot of fun - even if you don't have a stable partner. These beautiful surreal dolls now cost about $ 1,000 to $ 2,000, free of charge from the United States to any part of the world. Life advantage like a sex doll: allows you to try different gender positions and find new and exciting ways to have sex with your partner. It is a " paid" safe and legal alternative. By providing a safe substitute for women, you can help you solve your sexual problems. Through this substitute, you can practice overcoming fear and anxiety without encountering embarrassment with " real" women or men. In most cases, no matter when and where, no matter when and where, it will bring pure and unrestrained fun! Here are three dolls selected as capable of raising your sex life to a new level. 140 cm Ella 4.59 foot silicone doll, 3 entry natural skin dolls with metal skeleton - $ 819.00 Valentine's Day special promotion love is dolls
Specifications: Material: Medical silicone TPE Skeleton: Steel Skin Color: Natural Height: 4.59 feet ( 140 cm ) Upper Chest: 29.50 inches ( 75 cm ) Lower Chest: 19.09 inches ( 48.5 cm ) Bra Size: F Cup Waitt: 17.72 inches ( 45 cm ) Hip circumference: 31.30 inches ( 79.5 cm ) Arm length: 13. 77 inches ( 35 cm ) palm length: 6.69 inches ( 17 cm ) ) leg length: 20.87 inches ( 53 cm ) foot length: 8.27 inches ( 21 cm ) eye color: brown ( optional ) hair color: golden ( optional ) 3 penetrating inlets: mouth, anus, Vaginal depth: 5.12 inches ( 13 cm ) vaginal depth: 7.87 inches ( 20 cm ) anal depth: 7.09 inches ( 18 cm ) weight: 57.32 pounds ( 26 kg ) packing size: ( 51.18 inches * 15.75 inches * 11.42 inches ) ( 130 cm * 40 cm * 29 cm ) 140 cm 4.59 ft silicone doll Metal Skeleton 3 Entries Brown Sex Doll Tan - $ 819.00 Valentine's Day Special # # # Specifications: Material: Medical silicone TPE Skeleton: Steel Skin Color: Brown Height: 4.59 ft ( 140 cm ) Upper Chest: 29.50 in ( 75 cm ) Lower Chest: 19.09 in ( 48.5 cm ) Bra Size: F Cup Waitt: 17. 72 inches ( 45 cm ) breech circumference: 31.30 inches ( 79.5 cm ) arm length: 13.77 inches ( 35 cm ) palm length: 6.69 inches ( 17 cm ) leg length: 20.87 inches ( 53 cm ) foot length: 8.27 inches ( 21 cm ) eye color: brown ( optional ) hair color: golden ( optional ) 3 penetration inlets: mouth, anus, Vaginal oral depth: 5.12 inches ( 13 cm ) vaginal depth: 7.87 inches ( 20 cm ) anal depth: 7.09 inches ( 18 cm ) weight: 57.32 pounds ( 26 kg ) packing size: ( 51.18 inches * 15.75 inches * 11.42 inches ) ( 130 cm * 40 cm * 29 cm ) 165 cm silicone sex angel doll metal skull realistic sex real love toy men - $ 1, 128.00 Valentine's Day Special Promotion the best loved doll
Specifications: Material: Medical Silicone TPE Skeleton: Steel Skin Color: Tanheight: 5.41 ft ( 165 cm ) Upper Body: 32.68 in ( 83 cm ) Lower Chest: 21.461 in ( 54.5 cm ) Cup Size: F Cup Waitt: 19.88 in ( 50.5 cm ) Hip: 31.5 in ( 80 cm ) Arm Length: ( 23.62 In ) ( 60 cm ) Palm length: ( 6.5 in ) ( 16.5 cm ) Leg length: 33.86 in ( 86 cm ) Leg length: 7.08 in ( 18cm ) Eye color: Brown ( optional ) Hair color: Golden ( optional ) 3 Infiltration inlets: Mouth, Anus, Vaginal oral depth: 5.51 inches ( 14 cm ) anal depth: 6.69 inches ( 17 cm ) vaginal depth: 7.08 inches ( 18 cm ) weight = 70.54 lb ( 32 kg ) packing size: ( 61.42 inches * 17.72 inches * 11.81 inches ) ( 156 cm * 45 cm * 30 cm )
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How to deal with unnecessary sex dolls?

Monday, August 13, 2018 1:59:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

After a few years, your sex doll will become seriously damaged and cannot be repaired. You must be grateful for your sex life. Like a sex doll, she is the warmest person, the most comforting person for you to live through those difficult days. Throw it away. Just like the real, real-life relationship, my heart is broken. You're not sure how to break your silicone doll girl, but it's time for you to break up. It is cruel to cut her into pieces and then throw her out of the garbage. Leave it in a shallow grave and tie it in a sleeping bag? No, your activities may frighten people to pass by and bring the police. Are you just throwing a tape in the trash can? Did you go to the recycling center? Is there a second-hand store for sex toys or an online transaction? Obviously, sex doll owners are looking for an effective way to deal with it, but there is no clear answer. If you think your sex doll is worth some money, you will post a second-hand advertisement on Craigslist. Some people will like to accept used or broken sex dolls at a reasonable price. You know the soft skin of life like a sex doll is made of silica gel or TPE material. Part of the sex doll can be recycled. Rubber and silica gel are ground, mixed with a binder, and reshaped into new objects. Find the best and most economical way to get them out of your hands. The recycling of these items will help bring happiness and comfort to others.
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Five Reasons for Men to Prefer Sex Dolls

Friday, August 10, 2018 9:06:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

It is becoming more and more common for a man to own a sex doll. Especially for those who don't have a relationship or don't want it now, real sex dolls will be the first choice for them to get through difficult times. bigsextoystore
Here are five reasons why men prefer to buy sex dolls: 1 attractive appearance. No matter face or body, real sex dolls will undoubtedly collect the main features of sexy beauty. Most importantly, real sex dolls do not grow old. When you first see them, they always look young. Real dolls are always available. It may sound obscene, but you can enter her at any time and she will never resist your control. The real sex doll will not make fun of your embarrassing sex skills. You'll feel relaxed because she doesn't have other people's concepts and images. There is no trouble with your real relationship. Of course, she is not a real woman. There is no need to worry that she will pose a threat to your social relations. She won't be pregnant. Yes, never. 5. Long - term low cost. How much is it to go out for dinner with a real woman? How many times do you need to spend before you are together? Does this girl belong to you forever? Well, I'm not sure. But as far as I know, once you pay off once, you can get a real sex doll. buy adult costumes
Therefore, real sex dolls help your sexual health. If you live alone, choose a real sex doll. If you don't cheat on your marriage, choose a real sex doll. If you like real sex dolls only because of attractive art, go ahead.
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How much do you want to invest in fighting loneliness?

Friday, August 10, 2018 8:19:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

Because of the limited life cycle, many people have few social relations. Loneliness is like a powerful typhoon sweeping our lives. Once off duty, some people go to entertainment places to relax, and some people look for casual friends in their leisure time. Others keep pets. Or some Avante guardians choose to live like sex doll partners in order to achieve a stable, safe, carefree and comfortable relationship. They are life - size, lifelike skin and bones and always look young, charming and charming. real life adult dolls
When you look at these cute, beautiful and sexy sex dolls, a series of images come to mind. Lying on the carpet, bathing in the bathroom, sitting alone by the window, hugging the bed, all the images you can think about in your private residence. silicone doll usa
So how much do you want to spend to fight your loneliness? On Usexd Oll, the price range varies according to doll size, manufacturing process and material level. Here are some love dolls of different sizes for your reference. 140 cm f cup silicone love doll with metal skeleton $ 849.00 # # # 153 cm e cup real love doll tan soft skin $ 1099.00 synthetic real doll
158 cm f cup realistic doll natural soft skin $ 1210.95 # # # 165 cm golden sexy doll big boobs love doll $ 1299.95 life size latex dolls

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How far is the sex doll brothel?

Friday, August 10, 2018 10:19:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

In fact, when I first read about the sex doll brothel in Rotterdam, I knew it was only the beginning of the release of potential sexual desire. This is why several sex doll brothels opened their doors in the next few months. buy massage oil
# Will sex doll brothels become customs? For a long time, I was always surprised by this real sex doll. They are too natural. It is worth paying attention to how far this new industry will go. I feel good. For most people, they can't imagine how close they are to a beautiful and charming young girl. At this exciting moment, the girl will burn your thoughts. toys for men
If this is the first time you touch a sex doll, you should browse and learn about it in advance. Otherwise, you may lose your head in half an hour worth $ 150. They are as tall and heavy as human beings. But even if they are visually attractive, they cannot move. Therefore, before you get excited, make sure you can master her abilities. After a satisfactory trial experience, once you are eager to try again, you can consider buying a new trial version. Believe me, having a private doll is worth more than trying several times.
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How to Realize Sexual Desire for Enthusiastic Sex Fans?

Friday, August 10, 2018 8:56:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

Most people are obsessed with trying new things. Under moral pressure, they must fight impulse according to the standard of normal people. In the end, they can't find a good way to solve their desire. Whether men or women, long-term depressed psychology will have some serious problems. Personality and thought will turn to risk. So, how do you solve your sexual superstition? Can you risk asking your female partner to realize your tangled sexual interests? cheap blow up dolls
lifelike sex dolls will be useful if you are not considered a " nerd" or " creepy". Human beings are advocates of happy sex life. Woody Allen said: " If you intervene between the right man and the right woman, the sexual relationship between the man and the woman is absolutely wonderful." silicone adult dolls
Believe me, no one is better than a submissive sex doll, except a lady who knows you and accepts all your sexual interests. When you are in high sexual excitement, you won't get " no". You won't know that lifelike sex dolls are a great partner until you get one. Woody Allen also told the public that " sex without love is an empty experience, but an empty experience will make it the best." Yes, when you can't find nature lovers, you can experience sex dolls. It is much safer than a prostitute.

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Why do sex dolls thrive in a globalized world?

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 3:11:05 PM America/Los_Angeles

Our common sense is that women's sexual desire is lower than men's on average. Men's sexual needs cannot be met in normal interaction. This is a watershed when women are 33 years old. Their sexual desire will decline. For men, they have the same puzzling biological phenomenon. These men usually have high expectations of sexual partners. As sponsors of sexual activities, when negative attitudes occur, they will feel depressed and depressed. There are many uncontrollable factors in the natural behavior that disappoint the anticipation. realistic inflatable doll
In the past two years, a large number of pictures of sex dolls have poured into social networks. It brings another possibility to those men who are suffering. The lifelike sex doll is made of high simulation humanoid material TPE ( thermoplastic rubber ) or silica gel. Buyers can customize sex dolls according to their personal needs. real latex doll
The sales of lifelike sex dolls are booming around the world after getting the seller's careful delivery guarantee. Small sex dolls that are easy to shoot are especially popular. This trend shows that more and more people are concerned about free and safe sex. life like adult dolls
There are many doll owners who seem to have successfully proved that many of the sexual postures of the sex-sensitive doll can be realized. As far as the future is concerned, the AI ( artificial intelligence ) is the most frequently talked about. With the development of virtual reality and high technology, interactive dolls will come to ordinary families and they will think and act like real people.

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It's better than a real woman owning a sex doll

Monday, August 6, 2018 2:27:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

Mature or married men can list a long list of adult entertainment activities. They certainly don't have men who aren't interested in free porn and are excited about sex cameras. They seem to have very rich experience in self-development activities. In fact, masturbation is a quick and effective way to release natural desires. In addition to free hands, having a comfortable sex toy will enhance your sex life. In order to get a better user experience, designers have also improved the product in terms of design and structure. Most men seem to be more interested in realistic dolls. Because they think it is a good way to move back and forth between reality and fantasy. silicone dolls
Real sex dolls are known to all ages. Specific doll owners aged 40 - 50 are the mainstream. As we all know, the average price of real TPE sex dolls exceeds US $ 1,000 or US $ 2,000 ( data provided by ). Middle - aged men generally have good jobs and stable positions. They can buy satisfactory dolls. However, their personal life may not be as good as their work. In a mature mind, they don't want to seek risks online like some younger generation, and they don't want to participate in prostitutes. The priority is good company. If she looks good, it will be perfect. They think real sex dolls are more satisfying and satisfying than real women. It will be fun to take care of sex dolls. swx doll
If you are considering owning such a stunning sex doll, you are welcome to start visiting

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Breaking taboos: sexual self - care

Friday, August 3, 2018 11:24:14 PM America/Los_Angeles

Some sexy doll robots reported by media and social media are widely shared. People in the new era quickly took action to forward and comment. They helped lift the veil of the adult sex industry. And put forward the universality of sexual fantasy. This trend highly reflects the transformation of ideas into traditional sexual activities. In many cultures, it is shameful to say sex toys. In the past, people were told to resist any sexual activity except life partners. In particular, the lifelike sex doll is shaped into a real woman. inflatable real doll
Although the Prophet seems to ignore the importance of sexual pleasure to health. Sexual desire is a problem that needs to be solved, not hidden. I'm not saying how sexual pleasure or orgasm is good for your health. Although this is true. I call here for how to enjoy sex, whether it's sexy toys or lifelike sex dolls. We will experience these benefits in various ways. Sexual pressure contrary to sexual pleasure. Once we start to build a new relationship, we will take some brains to please her. In the process, conjecture and self-denial will erode your thoughts. sx dolls
It is generally believed that this feeling is great when having sex with a real woman in bed. Yes, it sounds good. As a result, many people are involved in the vortex of facts, forcing women into sexual fantasies. Some people commented that any unnatural sexual intercourse is cheating. Although the use of sex toys will make people rethink deeply, why not strengthen interpersonal relationships?

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Well done! Sexy underwear sex doll has become a new vigorous development

Friday, August 3, 2018 12:28:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

As we all know, women wearing sexy underwear are more likely to arouse men's sexual desire. But many reserved women are shy about refusing to expose their clothes too much. Then men can realize their fantasy on real dolls. Similarly, real doll lovers also like sexy underwear. Tight bodice is an essential happy process. Then do you know how to choose the best one for lifelike sex dolls? latex doll
What's a sex doll like in a corset? Everything looks wonderful. Tight bodice fits snugly. It has a good shape. The doll looks very slim, sexy and curvy. It highlights the advantages of huge breasts and big cigarette butts. The idea of wearing a corset is tempting, isn't it? Don't you think they are attractive? real looking adult dolls
It has become a new trend to apply sexy underwear to sex dolls. The sex doll in sexy underwear is not only displayed in a dark room, but also a favorite of fashion shows. Sex dolls help show off best-selling underwear. Why? They have perfect physical characteristics.
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Despite the moral bias, what do you think of sex dolls?

Thursday, August 2, 2018 8:47:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sex dolls are booming in the U.S. market. Some companies are trying to improve the sex doll robot. Some people disapprove of the immoral nature of sex dolls. Sex dolls have become a thriving business, whether for or against it. Some people assert that sexy dolls will increase sexual crimes. When sex doll fans are not satisfied with sex dolls, they will turn to real human beings. Since no victims come from the use of sex dolls themselves, it has not yet enacted a law prohibiting sex dolls. real adult dolls
When men are not in love or female partners are temporarily unavailable, they are not advised to look for prostitutes because you cannot guarantee what kind of disease they may have. You must release your libido by masturbation until you find the right girl. When you find that you can enjoy dreamlike sex with a beautiful, sexy and submissive girl, this is what most men want. What will you do? realistic latex dolls
I have always believed that love dolls are helpful to social anxiety. You can't deny that a silent beauty will allow you to express all your thoughts and wishes freely.
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Comments on Married Family Sex Dolls

Thursday, August 2, 2018 1:21:34 AM America/Los_Angeles

For those of us who are married, enjoying the same life all day will be a bit boring. Although our husband and wife have been improving their living conditions for many years, they are still the same as others. I like to make some new things, strange but often used special things, and my sex life is no exception. I have a hidden carton at the top of the wardrobe, which is full of sex toys. It is clearly not enough. But now is the time to finally complete the cuts. How much money will I spend this month on a big doll? Yes, it is a sex doll, 158 cm high. I think I must consider a better place to store it in case my children find it. You may ask my wife if she is angry with my mistress. No, she was more excited about the new partner. More importantly, she bought her various sexy underwear and wigs. We'll talk about clothes that fit her every time. One good thing about sex dolls is that our lovers are closer to each other's hobbies. We say more and laugh more. Occasionally we made a small compromise and got more understanding. Have you tried sex dolls? If you do, we'd like to know how you use it! Share your story and experience in the comments below. If you haven't, you can learn more about dolls here. If you want to try it yourself, consider bringing a cute doll here and see what you think!
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Enhance your sexual experience with sex dolls

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 2:24:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

We all live in a very busy and really busy society. Maybe we don't have much time to think about sex. Are you sure your sexual activity will satisfy your partner? What if you improve your gender? You may say you have perfect sexual experience. But can you tide over the difficulties every day? If you want to continue this wonderful sexual activity, continue to try it until you skillfully adopt sexual skills. It is no shame to take advantage of some improved methods. The lifelike sex doll will be your faithful partner. When you go the wrong way, you won't feel embarrassed. You won't be afraid to face romantic days alone. Continue to work hard and enjoy the happy time. You must learn to explore your partner's skills. It is helpful to have sex with a sex doll. If you want to experience a crazy climax with your partner, you can get there by practicing sex dolls. Sex dolls have many advantages, the most obvious of which is gender. There is no doubt about it. You can get all kinds of sex dolls according to their type. Men or women, huge breasts or flat, natural or transgender, even celebrities and porn stars are all for the realization of human sexual fantasies. As I mentioned earlier, sex dolls are mainly used for sexual release. Similarly, you can get sexual interest, with your partner and sexy sex doll trio, without any jealousy. In addition, due to various positions, you can do some exciting and creative things.
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Artificial intelligence _2050 human and machine sexual relations

Friday, March 31, 2017 5:00:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Recently, the future scholar Dr. Ian Pearson published a paper saying: the future of our sexual life and robots, virtual reality adult film is closely related to our skin will be implanted tactile anti-collapse, the paper is subject to online fun shop Bondara commissioned to write The Science fiction writers, and people who think about how this technology will affect sex can hold the same view.


To understand how much of this technology will reshape the way we connect with others, Bondara has published a paper by Dr. Pearson, explaining in detail the expectations of virtual reality and the future of robot life.


Pearson said that by 2030, virtual life will be as common as adult content; by 2035, most people will have virtual reality tools; in 2050, robot sex life will be more popular than human sex life. But we do not know Pearson's prediction is based on what theoretical basis, the paper did not make a note.

The paper also mentions a "Robophilia" phenomenon, when humans will be like with the sex life of the robot. Previously by Scarlett Johansson starred in the hot blockbuster "she" is also about the same concept. This is also a problem for robotics and public concern because the appearance of robots in the future is close to humans and also has emotion.

In fact, these forecasts are not new. Now with the network connection of sexual life tools have emerged, virtual reality adult content is rapidly developing, some technology companies are distributing virtual reality head, to accelerate the popularity of virtual reality. Inflatable dolls are getting higher and higher.

Pearson's cluttered paper attempts to explain his predictions of future life, based on two aspects: one is the existing technology, and the other is the future of technology that will subvert each industry.

On the other hand, (robot sex) will attract people who do not want to hastily (sex). We have seen someone wanting to have a relationship with artificial intelligence or robots, and the illusion of robot sex is already ripe, including the conversion of real people into robots or calls.

With the sculpture and the window model sex life of the fetish is also developing and becoming viable. Now, we can effectively "shut down" the brain by entering the electronic pulse into the right brain. This is another area where we need to prevent hackers from invading the brain.

We will welcome robots and virtual reality into our sex life, or now you have sex with the robot, the frequency is more than the real person. The battery-driven simulator certainly does not belong to humans.

VoucherCodesPro made a survey asking people what will be done using robots. 45% of people use robots to do housework / cooking, 41% of people use robots to chat boredom, 38% of people use robots instead of their own work, 21% of people are willing to sex with the robot, and 12% of people use the robot to participate Sports activities.

In those who are willing to have sex with the robot, 72% of people think that robots are more adept at work, and 28% think this is a new experience. The futurist Ian Pearson predicted that by 2050, sex with robots would be more common than sex between people. When the robot will have artificial intelligence, looks basically the same with the human.

Many people see the benefits of sex robots. Behavioral therapist Nicolas Aujula argues that sex robots may help sex lovers to explore extreme fantasies and help fight sexual offenses. "In the next few years, sex robots will be used to provide a safe and cautious way to explore sex, in a more creative way to meet the needs of extreme sex lovers.In addition, sex robots can also reduce rape, Accidental pregnancy, AIDS transmission, etc .. "

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