Recently, the future scholar Dr. Ian Pearson published a paper saying: the future of our sexual life and robots, virtual reality adult film is closely related to our skin will be implanted tactile anti-collapse, the paper is subject to online fun shop Bondara commissioned to write The Science fiction writers, and people who think about how this technology will affect sex can hold the same view.


To understand how much of this technology will reshape the way we connect with others, Bondara has published a paper by Dr. Pearson, explaining in detail the expectations of virtual reality and the future of robot life.


Pearson said that by 2030, virtual life will be as common as adult content; by 2035, most people will have virtual reality tools; in 2050, robot sex life will be more popular than human sex life. But we do not know Pearson's prediction is based on what theoretical basis, the paper did not make a note.

The paper also mentions a "Robophilia" phenomenon, when humans will be like with the sex life of the robot. Previously by Scarlett Johansson starred in the hot blockbuster "she" is also about the same concept. This is also a problem for robotics and public concern because the appearance of robots in the future is close to humans and also has emotion.

In fact, these forecasts are not new. Now with the network connection of sexual life tools have emerged, virtual reality adult content is rapidly developing, some technology companies are distributing virtual reality head, to accelerate the popularity of virtual reality. Inflatable dolls are getting higher and higher.

Pearson's cluttered paper attempts to explain his predictions of future life, based on two aspects: one is the existing technology, and the other is the future of technology that will subvert each industry.

On the other hand, (robot sex) will attract people who do not want to hastily (sex). We have seen someone wanting to have a relationship with artificial intelligence or robots, and the illusion of robot sex is already ripe, including the conversion of real people into robots or calls.

With the sculpture and the window model sex life of the fetish is also developing and becoming viable. Now, we can effectively "shut down" the brain by entering the electronic pulse into the right brain. This is another area where we need to prevent hackers from invading the brain.

We will welcome robots and virtual reality into our sex life, or now you have sex with the robot, the frequency is more than the real person. The battery-driven simulator certainly does not belong to humans.

VoucherCodesPro made a survey asking people what will be done using robots. 45% of people use robots to do housework / cooking, 41% of people use robots to chat boredom, 38% of people use robots instead of their own work, 21% of people are willing to sex with the robot, and 12% of people use the robot to participate Sports activities.

In those who are willing to have sex with the robot, 72% of people think that robots are more adept at work, and 28% think this is a new experience. The futurist Ian Pearson predicted that by 2050, sex with robots would be more common than sex between people. When the robot will have artificial intelligence, looks basically the same with the human.

Many people see the benefits of sex robots. Behavioral therapist Nicolas Aujula argues that sex robots may help sex lovers to explore extreme fantasies and help fight sexual offenses. "In the next few years, sex robots will be used to provide a safe and cautious way to explore sex, in a more creative way to meet the needs of extreme sex lovers.In addition, sex robots can also reduce rape, Accidental pregnancy, AIDS transmission, etc .. "